At first glance, Totem looks like a perfectly normal vase. But then you take a closer look and realize it’s actually four stackable bowls, perfect for storing food or other little trinkets. Each piece is made by hand in New Zealand, making them “perfectly imperfect.” {via Better Living Through Design}

3 Comments on “Totem.”

  • Rachel Dangerfield

    What a great idea! I love the clean design. I've been super into white kitchens lately, and this would fit right in!

    03-30-10 » 4:58 pm »

  • Rex B.

    OH SNAP, that is BEAUTIFUL and I want it right now. Just checked the price and I'll settle for a picture of it.

    03-30-10 » 5:06 pm »

  • joanna

    too perfect! what a great idea!

    03-31-10 » 2:30 pm »

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