Watermelon Punch.

{cocktail recipe and photo yummy supper}

It would be lovely to be sipping a tumbler of Watermelon Punch spiked with rum right about now. Perhaps while sitting by a pool or relaxing on a front stoop, watching the day go by. So long as it’s under 90º.


Grace Chair.

The Grace chair from Air is easily one of the prettiest chairs I’ve ever set eyes upon. Now if I could only get my greedy little hands on six of these sunken beauties, along with a lightly worn farmhouse table and a bigger kitchen or dining room I’d be one happy girl. {via Design Milk}


Happy Weekend.

+ I know it’s the weekend, but it’s never too early to get things organized for the other five days

+ I wish my backyard were bigger because this Backyard Scrabble project is begging to be a part of the decor

+ Pretty Marimekko desktop wallpapers

+ Receiving one of these balloon invitations would make me positively giddy

+ Check out Dating Brian, a social media experiment of sorts chronicling his thirty dates in thirty days

+ A brilliant idea for recycling crayon nubs with the most beautiful results

+ This 80 Penguins ad campaign had me rolling

+ Measure your attitude by the length of your skirt with these rad leggings

+ I really want to read this book (doesn’t hurt that it’s easy on the eyes)

Happy Weekend!

PS: Don’t forget, you have until Monday at 9am CST to enter the Make Believe giveaway



The designer in me wants a few bottles of RGB nail polish for the name. The product whore in me wants it for the packaging. And my fingernails want it because they’ve been naked for weeks.