Happy Weekend.

+ At some point in the past year I’ve become terrible about sending out birthday cards, I’m betting this perpetual birthday calendar download would be a fast remedy.

+ I’m still obsessed with the idea of canning, even though I have yet to do any myself. I’ve got this roundup of jar labels bookmarked for when I do.

+ I never thought the day would come where I longed to have vinyl flooring.

+ Thinking I need to get some sort of popsicle holders/apparatus so I can start making all of the yummy recipes that I’ve seen this summer. Starting with these Watermelon Frozen Yogurt Popsicles.

+ Cherry Lambic Ice Cream Floats are on the menu for this weekend.

+ This art deco motorcycle is HUGE yes.

Happy Weekend!


Mini Designer Chairs.

There’s a good chance hell will freeze over before I own more than the hope of a designer chair. But I can clearly see these mini designer chairs lined up on a few shelves in my office. I probably need them. Yeah, I do.


Blackbird 35mm TRL.

Over the past decade or so I’ve amassed quite the collection of cameras. Let’s see… there’s my trusty PowerShot that’s usually in my purse, the Rebel, my dad’s old Minolta, two other manual 35mm my aunt recently handed down to me, and a Polaroid among forgotten others. Several are missing from my collection, namely a Holga, a Diana and this beauty of a twin reflex lens, the Blackbird. (As a side note, I’d also be up for being photographed with the Blackbird! It’s a natural beauty.)


Eames Three Serigraph.

I couldn’t weave a web around the Eames Three Serigraph any better…

This elephantine “3” will afford its owner endless conversational fodder as you weave your dutifully nodding dinner party guests through the story of Charles and Ray Eames’ obsession with circus imagery and how the three on which this digit is based hung in the graphics room at the Eames Office and became the impetus for a set of numeral fonts offered by House Industries and that David Dodde lovingly hand pulled this poster and patiently let it air dry to achieve the unique flatness characteristic of air dried screen printing inks can I make you an espresso you look a little drowsy. Then enjoy the poignant silence as your guests consider the cultural breadth of your knowledge or decide if they should feign an urgent call from the babysitter so they can leave before dessert.