Skeleton Apron.

First thought, I’ve been watching way too much Dexter because I automatically think of him when I see a long apron. Second thought, this skeleton apron would come in handy for messy me when I make caramel apples tomorrow night. Third thought, I’m short – I wonder whether or not all the bones would line up correctly?

5 Comments on “Skeleton Apron.”

  • Jennifer - Pretty and Preppy

    I love the pink one! Wish I would have had it for the Halloween themed party I threw last Saturday for mom’s birthday.

    10-26-10 » 1:14 pm »

  • Sarah

    Seeing as those clavicles are lining up with the figures’ breasts…I’m betting the bones will be slightly off! 😉

    10-26-10 » 1:52 pm »

  • The Lil Bee

    I love your third thought! Priceless, Kel, truly;)

    10-26-10 » 7:24 pm »

  • rebecca

    if you’re super lazy, you could call this your costume no? haha.

    10-28-10 » 6:51 am »

  • Kim Hickerson

    I saw those in Duncan, OK at a shop called Dear Friends, if anyone happens to be in the area.

    10-29-10 » 8:36 am »

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