Shake It Up

There are things in my kitchen that are mainstays, like appliances, and some that are easy (RE: cheap) to replace to mix things up. One of my favorite things to use a variety of are salt and pepper shakers. Of course there are higher and lower price points, but I’ve found I can usually get a great set for under twenty bucks. These are on my radar.


58N Salt and Pepper Shakers


Black and White Mills


Mr & Mrs Muse Salt and Pepper Shakers


Stone Salt and Pepper Shakers


Studio Salt and Pepper Cellars


Owl Sugar Shaker, not for S&P but fantastic nonetheless.

3 Comments on “Shake It Up”

  • Sarah

    What a great roundup! I especially love the cork ones and the faces are just so cool!

    02-28-11 » 11:19 am »

  • Mia

    Cathay Pacific business class have (or had a couple of years ago) salt and pepper shakers like the rock ones above. I once, erm, acquired some off my tray after I finished my meal and ended up with salt and pepper all through my handbag. Very pretty though!

    02-28-11 » 2:45 pm »

  • isavirtue

    fantastic! i love salt and pepper shakers (it’s odd though that i don’t have any interesting ones!) i keep hoping to come across the same ones i saw as moma years ago – little white porcelain characters hugging each other! the salt and pepper fit together so cutely!

    03-01-11 » 1:02 am »

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