Clockwise: Yusuke Aida Neriage Mug + Saucer (via oh joy!), zig zag mugs, Moderato Cup + Saucer, modernist mugs

Mugs are one of those things that get out of control in a heartbeat. One minute you have the set that came with your dinnerware, the next you’re sitting on a pile of unattractive promotional eyesores. I swear I clean mine out at least once a year. (The easy thing would be to just say no to the free mugs, right? Wrong.) On weekend mornings when I can actually enjoy my coffee I like to nerdily choose my mug according to my mood. Most times it ends up being a white one I picked up on clearance for $2.99 – wonder what that says about me.

2 Comments on “Mugs”

  • little t

    The third set is the best!

    04-26-11 » 2:59 am »

  • krystal

    this made me laugh because i choose my mugs based on mood too. sometimes mark will bring me my coffee in the WRONG MUG! and it’s a tragedy :)

    04-26-11 » 5:41 am »

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