In Print Weekly

Sweat the Small Stuff by Alonzo Felix


HOMESTEAD by beauchamping


San Francisco is for Carnivores by drywell


Oh Me Oh My by James Joyce


Unplug by Hollie Chastain

3 Comments on “In Print Weekly”

  • rooth

    The pig print! I’m going to have to check out this etsy shop.

    05-26-11 » 9:05 am »

  • Molly Pekarik

    I’m pretty sure you know already what an inspiration your blog is to young design-minded people… But I’m going to tell you again.

    I was really inspired by the James Joyce print… In fact I made a tribute print for myself based on your blog… and his design. You can see that tribute design on my blog,

    Keep up the cool posts! I can’t wait to see what I’m inspired to make next!

    08-10-11 » 8:17 am »

  • Kelly

    thanks so much for the sweet words! inspiring someone is the ultimate payoff.


    08-10-11 » 8:23 am »

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