Things that look like one thing but are actually another? Some of my favorites. The CuppaCan is a double-walled porcelain coffee cup shaped like an aluminum can. It even has a silicone lid to complete the illusion.

5 Comments on “CuppaCan”

  • Bella

    I love this clever cup. Perfect size too.

    09-28-11 » 12:16 pm »

  • Angel Y.

    Nice! I love that it’s porcelain.

    09-28-11 » 12:28 pm »

  • Lizz

    That is so very cool:)

    09-28-11 » 5:13 pm »

  • Caroline

    Wowzers! And it’s totally affordable too! I cannot wait to own this. I loved my “I am not a paper cup.” cup, but one day the boy I nanny tripped me – supposedly by accident – and the cup was obliterated. Great find :)

    09-29-11 » 9:16 am »

  • Cristina

    I totally need this to go with my porcelain “to go cup”. This one is even sneakier!

    09-30-11 » 9:37 pm »

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