When I was about ten years old I became obsessed with drawing pool parties. And in them the girls diving into the water were always drawn with their hair hanging down, as if they were hanging upside down instead of throwing themselves into a body of water. It made sense at the time, I guess that’s how I viewed gravity. That’s what this landscape by Vikachu reminds me of, I love how the landscape builds vertically upon itself. And get this – ten dollars.

3 Comments on “Landscape”

  • adele

    It’s the sky that I love in this painting xoxo

    10-17-11 » 10:37 am »

  • rooth

    This looks super cool – I’m half expecting to find Waldo hidden in there somewhere

    10-18-11 » 8:32 am »

  • The Lil Bee

    Absolutely gorgeous. And I love your story, Kel. You should include little tales like that more often. It was a fun surprise:)

    10-19-11 » 10:18 pm »

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