Dead Sexy

Completely into this piece by Jennifer Daniels. Dead Sexy is a compilation of the 36 pouts of Playboy centerfolds who’ve passed away since the 1950s.

4 Comments on “Dead Sexy”

  • adele

    So clever, but so sad they have all passed away xoxo

    11-28-11 » 11:54 am »

  • Cristina

    This is really interesting. It kind of reminds me of a digital Mrs. Potato Head…well a racier version of her anyway.

    11-28-11 » 1:24 pm »

  • MadeleineSwell

    This is so clever!!

    11-28-11 » 2:16 pm »

  • Kristin - The Goat

    So very interesting. How can one of them be “whereabouts unknown”? and why are so many without a cause of death? (Not that I’m expecting an answer!) Strange, interesting, intriguing, fascinating and hard to stop looking.

    11-30-11 » 2:25 am »

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