Happy Weekend

PHOTO: paperbrigade

01/ a super simple way to display your magazines
02/ ingenius lemon juice sprayer
03/ 12 bottles every home bar should have
04/ planetary chocolates of the solar system
05/ love this artwork/secret storage box
06/ make your mason jar glass a travel mug
07/ cat questions answered in song
08/ modern DIY pasta art/jewelry
09/ learn how to make graphic paper pencils
10/ make an iPad case from a notebook

5 Comments on “Happy Weekend”

  • adele

    Adoring the planetary chocs…almost look too good to eat!
    Happy weekend to you too xoxo

    01-13-12 » 11:14 am »

  • Kelly Lynn Jones

    Um, whoa, I haven’t seen that photo in a long time. That is of me that my ex-boyfriend took.

    01-13-12 » 11:15 am »

  • Katelin

    That pic makes me wish I was at the beach right now. Happy friday!

    Kate xo

    01-13-12 » 2:45 pm »

  • Jessica @shimmerkai

    That’s exactly where I want to be! Happy weekend to you

    01-13-12 » 3:01 pm »

  • adele

    I love the Cuppow! I just wonder about how practical mason jars are when the beverage is really hot :/ Super cute idea either way!

    01-16-12 » 3:08 pm »

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