Pocket Totems

These quirky little polymer clay pocket totems from Handy Maiden make me smile. My favorite is this arctic fox, quickly followed by the special edition Valentine’s narwhal! (via Miss Moss)

7 Comments on “Pocket Totems”

  • adele

    He’s a cute little fella!

    01-24-12 » 11:04 am »

  • Jjanga

    They are too adorable! I would love to have one just to keep me company :)

    xoxo, Jjanga

    01-24-12 » 11:37 am »

  • jen

    i love this! thanks for the link!

    01-24-12 » 11:42 am »

  • Danielle (elleinadspir)

    I want one. And more than that, I want one for Bonham. Something he can carry if he needs extra strength or courage or anything. Ok, shopping now…

    01-24-12 » 1:32 pm »

  • Cristina

    The Valentines Narwhal sounds lovely! I need a play room for all the little toys and figures and legos that my bf and I can’t help but collect!


    01-24-12 » 2:47 pm »

  • Emma

    Thats brilliant!

    01-24-12 » 7:23 pm »

  • Claire

    These are beyond adorable. Loving your blog x

    02-01-12 » 1:49 am »

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