Happy Weekend


01/ A Swiss Animal Knife!
02/ Charcoal colored walls stenciled with white florals.
03/ An entire miniature city built with metal type!
04/ I could move right in to this microcabin in the woods.
05/ A badass rocking horse named Hesus.
06/ Tiny, detailed matchbook landscapes.
07/ Loving this lookbook for Zlda’s The Boyscounts collection. (via More Design Please)
08/ A fun DIY ombre crane garland for summer entertaining.
09/ A beached whale right in the middle of an Argentinian forest.
10/ Gale force winds to the face? Don’t mind if I do. (PS: Colossal killed it this week.)

4 Comments on “Happy Weekend”

  • adele

    I can’t bear to look at the last shot!!!!

    05-18-12 » 11:09 am »

  • Emyko

    Link #8 directs to the wrong place!

    05-20-12 » 11:06 am »

  • Susie

    Those matchbooks are insanely awesome.

    Sea and Swank

    05-20-12 » 8:28 pm »

  • Kristina Gulino

    Oh my gosh those photos via Colossal are awesome!! I’m dying. Too funny.

    nook & sea

    05-21-12 » 12:44 pm »

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