Dish Towels


January brings with it an almost unbearable urge to purge and organize, and I always seem to start in the kitchen. I go through the dishes and cookware to see what needs tossed or donated, then my (embarrassingly large) dish towel collection to decide which ones I’m no longer in love with. If I were in need of adding to my collection these eight would definitely be moving in to my cabinets!

ROW 1: Knife’s Edge by Ktaadn // Grey Floral Dish Towel by Lisa Rupp Design // Outer Space Tea Towel by Leah Duncan    ROW 2: LOVE Linen Tea Towel by STUDIOPATRO // Deer Tea Towel by Gingiber    ROW 3: Makelike A Walk In The Forest Tea Towel by House&Hold // Party For Great Britain! Tea Towel by Culture Label // Misdirection Tea Towel by Wit & Whistle

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