Lindsay Letters

Lindsay Letters-1-Design Crush


Lindsay Letters, boy does she ever. Modern freestyle calligraphy steals my heart and Lindsay’s style is beautiful. See that persimmon gold foiled guy on the left? It’s a special edition print with lyrics from Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire and I’d do just about anything to own it. Get this – it’s free with the purchase of two other prints! Lindsay also does some sweet mini sizes, all of which might just be perfect to give your girl friends this Valentine’s Day!


Lindsay Letters-2-Design Crush

Lindsay Letters-3-Design Crush

3 Comments on “Lindsay Letters”

  • Laura | Paper & Honey

    As someone with high calligraphy and lettering ambitions, I have SUCH a crush on Lindsay. Her work is so stunning. I’ve never seen that persimmon print before – thanks for sharing! I’m off to scribble and pretend I’m half as talented. :)

    02-07-13 » 9:26 am »

  • Angel Y.

    I discovered Lindsey earlier this week and now I’m a huge fan. I love that red velvet print. It’s great! Thank you for sharing :)

    02-07-13 » 10:33 am »

  • Meli (Blush + Jelly)

    These are so gorgeous!!

    02-07-13 » 11:27 am »

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