Drip Tease

Drip Tease-1-Design Crush


Drip Tease from Reiko Kaneko is a classic tea set with a contemorary twist – normally unwanted marks and stains become desirable decorative details. My style usually skews modern, but this tea set is beyond. I think I’d have to start hosting monthly tea parties! (via Design Milk)


Drip Tease-2-Design Crush

Drip Tease-3-Design Crush

2 Comments on “Drip Tease”

  • Kelly @ Studio DIY

    AH-mazing!! And best name EVER!

    03-22-13 » 10:15 am »

  • Emily

    I’m nearly certain I just saw those in a shop called Article in Dublin. They’re just as lovely in person!

    03-22-13 » 10:47 am »

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