Sarah Wiener for REISS

Sarah Weiner-1-Design Crush


Enamelware is some of my favorite to use in the kitchen, the look and the heft of it just feel good. The two-color dipped forms by Sarah Wiener for REISS make me so ridiculously happy. I have a feeling they would not only make me bake (even) more, but they’d also never be hidden away in a dark cabinet! Each piece is dipped and glazed by hand by the Austrian company, making every one unique and leaving your hungry for more.


Sarah Weiner-3-Design Crush

Sarah Weiner-2-Design Crush


Sarah Weiner-4-Design Crush


Sarah Weiner-5-Design Crush

2 Comments on “Sarah Wiener for REISS”

  • Casey

    Those are so pretty! I want that bread pan.

    08-22-13 » 11:59 am »

  • Lulu

    Don’t you find enamel chips though?

    08-23-13 » 1:06 pm »

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