Fresh Ink

In lieu of a rather unphotogenic June that was essentially full of photo shoots for the site and plenty of packing up house, I thought I’d skip out on our monthly Instagram recap. Instead I wanted to share some new ink I got a few Fridays ago. In fact I got two new tattoos on the same day (not the first time that’s happened), and both are very meaningful designs that I’ve been wanting for awhile.




My Grandpa (not Pete, the other one) had a huge hand in raising me. And for the life of me I can’t seem to put into words just how big of a spot he holds in my heart. And just how much it gutted me when he passed away when I was 17. Swallows are the bird of remembrance, and this one is based on Julia Rothman’s Daydream wallpaper for Hygge & West. I had my tattoo artist add a little touch of original tattoo style (sometimes called sailor style) in honor of my Grandpa’s Navy days as a gunner’s mate. Once he left the service and went to work in the steel mills of Pittsburgh his nickname actually was Sailor, so it felt all the more fitting.




The second is a super simple design that I did in about 2.5 seconds. As my moving date looms ever closer and this phase of my life in Oklahoma comes to an end, I wanted to commemorate it. The first time I moved here I was 18, a kid in an adult’s body. Now I’m 34 and the number of ways I’ve grown and changed as a person are too numerous to count. If you haven’t guessed what it stands for yet I’ll share – a rudimentary tornado. Not only are they an ever present threat each spring, but in this case a symbol of destruction and rebirth. (And as my friend pointed out, when I bend my arm up it looks like a Delta symbol. For change.)

These two tattoos bring my total to seven, though the swallow is the first I’ve gotten that will be seen on a regular basis. And of course I’m already planning the next one – they’re addictive like that! So how about it, have any tattoos of significance on you?


Koen van den Broek

Koen van den Broek-1-Design Crush


I’ll confess, at first glance I was exactly sure what I was looking at in Koen van den Broek‘s work. But that’s one of the best kinds of art. The kind that makes you think you’re observing one thing and then BAM you realize it’s something entirely different. I don’t want to spoil that realization for you if you’re in the same boat that I was, so I’ll just let van den Broek’s work speak for itself.


Koen van den Broek-2-Design Crush

Koen van den Broek-3-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ The Queen of England visited the set of Game of Thrones… you can guess what happened.
02/ Check out Kitty Kasa, a full service housing muddle for cats!
03/ 5,000 Arms to Hold You, an interactive bamboo installation at the Israel Museum.
04/ Waves and bodies of water created out of sheets of cut glass.
05/ An anatomical life-size chocolate skull to satiate your cravings.
06/ And here’s the world’s first bouncy house inspired by boobs.
07/ Fun illustrated food wrapping paper!
08/ Loves of a Cyclops, a short film above love and a man born with one eye.
09/ Why yes, I would happily wear this moon dress by Ana Locking.
10/ Jerry Seinfeld answers your pressing etiquette questions.

This week on Design Crush:
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Maria Zaikina‘s lonely graphic house transition through the seasons.
I’m head over heels for stock tank pools.
Food by Color is just that, and so pretty.
I’m longing to own a piece of Tina Frey Designs‘ resin pieces.
Meet my latest watercolor crush, Emily Proud.
Bold graphic beach towels are everywhere.
Enter our Outdoor Trunk giveaway + win a hammock and BBQ set!


Virtual Outdoor Oasis + Outdoor Trunk Giveaway

If you live in a part of the world where summer evenings are in the 70-degree range, mild breezes are de rigueur, and humidity is at a solid zero percent then I am in completely and total envy. Because that is my summer dream, to work (or play) the day away and relax into a backyard oasis with perfect weather in the evenings. My current backyard is basically the size of two postage stamps next to one another, so I’ve resorted to creating a virtual oasis to satiate my longings. Outdoor Trunk is just the place to shop for such outdoor necessities, so i dug in and found some pieces I love that would make any backyard a dream.



Round Bolster Pillow // Java Pillow // Vertical Garden Box // Glass Bird Feeder // Cafe Lighting //
Asia Fire Pit // Beverage Cart // Sunrise Wind Chime



I dream of owning a hammock some day soon, so I’m completely envious that you have the chance to win what is possibly the most relaxing piece of outdoor furniture to ever exist. And what summer is worth anything without a great BBQ set to assist with some solid grilling? That’s right, none. Enter to win both from Outdoor Trunk and then report back with how awesome they are when you win!


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Trending: Bold Graphic Beach Towels


Mara Hoffman // Nate Berkus // Serena & Lily

When all you have with you is a bathing suit and some sunnies to state your style, a beach towel can make all the difference. This summer I’m noticing tons of bold graphic options everywhere that pack a punch of color on top of it all. I haven’t made a choice yet, but think I need to soon now that summer is officially here!



Tom Slaughter // Castle // Furbish Studio



Urban Outfitters // M. Carter Shop // Lacoste



Hay // Hudson’s Bay // Pendleton

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Emily Proud

Emily Proud-1-Design Crush


You all know I love a good watercolor, and Emily Proud‘s work is right at the top of my list currently. Her work leaves me feeling relaxed and invigorated all at the same time thanks to the colors she works with. Turns out I might not be terribly far off from how Emily intended viewers of her art to feel…

Emily’s recent work explores watercolor’s physical and transcendent qualities through abstracted depictions of the California landscape. Her paintings are meditative and minimal, and often have a hazy atmosphere. Her work is influenced by geographical features, the environment, the weather, and current events.

Check out Emily Proud’s shop to make some of her work your own.


Emily Proud-2-Design Crush


Emily Proud-3-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)


Tina Frey Designs

Tina Frey Designs-1-Design Crush


One of my favorite makers carried in Design Crush: The Marketplace is Tina Frey Designs. What at first appears to be glass is actually cast resin from Tina’s hand-sculpted pieces that she makes in San Francisco. The forms of her work are inspired by organic forms found in nature as well as objects found in worldwide travels, while the colors come from translucent popsicles, candies, and jellybeans. No wonder each piece looks so delicious!


Tina Frey Designs-2-Design Crush

Tina Frey Designs-3-Design Crush


Food by Color

Food by Color-1-Design Crush


The type A organized side of me is quite excited by this editorial photo series entitled Food by Color by Funkytime. Yellow, red, orange, pink, and green foods were organized by color and photographed against a white backdrop, graphics were then added post-production in Photoshop. The entire series is just so pleasant, they’d make great prints for a kitchen don’t you think?


Food by Color-2-Design Crush

Food by Color-3-Design Crush


Stock Tank Pools

Stock Tank Pool-1-Design Crush

Photo: bigBANG studio

After silently stalking some Instagram friends for the past few summers, I can finally admit my obsession with stock tank pools. They’re exactly what they sound and look like – stock tanks meant for farms that can be filled and collect rain water. Once they’re brimming with H2O you can not only use their holdings to hydrate your garden and flowerbeds, you can also jump in for a nice soak! (They also make a fantastic emergency source of water.) The industrial look is really appealing to me as well as their utilitarian purpose. Some people install rudimentary filter systems, while others just let them go on their own. Stock tanks come in a variety of sizes and are relatively affordable. Seems like getting a pool just got a lot closer within reach. (You can also turn them into hot tubs!)


Stock Tank Pool-2-Design Crush

Photo: The Yard

Stock Tank Pool-3-Design Crush

Photo: Bohemian Homes


Maria Zaikina

Maria Zaikina-1-Design Crush


These lonely houses are stills from Maria Zaikinia‘s short film Landschaft Mit Haus and I adore them. The flatness makes me think of the midwest, while the variation on color convey the seasons those who live here experience. Watch the film below, and be sure to click over to read Maria’s artist statement on the project! (And if you check out her portfolio you’ll notice her penchant for architecture.)


Maria Zaikina-2-Design Crush

Maria Zaikina-3-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)