Stella Maria Baer

Stella Maria Baer-1-Design Crush


Forever a lover of the solar system and outer space, Stella Maria Baer‘s dreamy watercolors definitely strike a chord in me. From Jupiter’s moons to her expiration of crescent moons all of her work is so dreamy that I get sucked right in. Make some of her prints your own right here.


Stella Maria Baer-2-Design Crush


Stella Maria Baer-3-Design Crush


Stella Maria Baer-4-Design Crush


Stella Maria Baer-5-Design Crush

(via Honey Kennedy)

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  • Kat

    Love these!!!!

    07-10-14 » 9:40 am »

  • Jessie

    Gorgeous artwork! Thanks for sharing.

    07-10-14 » 2:44 pm »

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