Adam Frezza + Terri Chiao

Adam Frezza + Terri Chiao-1-Design Crush


If Dr. Seuss created physical 3D art, well, I’m completely sure this is what it would look like. Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao create mixed media and paper pulp sculptures out of painted paper, wire, plaster, flocking, and more. My favorite projects of theirs are Paper Plants, Desert Plants, and Lump Nubbins. The Paper Plants project stems from a natural desire to control and beautify that which could be considered wild, while Desert Plants references the natural cycles of death and regrowth in nature. Lump Nubbins (aside from a smile inducing name) are created from junk mail, old newspaper, and more. A case of supplies saying a mouthful.


Adam Frezza + Terri Chiao-2-Design Crush


Adam Frezza + Terri Chiao-3-Design Crush


Adam Frezza + Terri Chiao-4-Design Crush


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