Beautiful Wears S/S 2018

Print Tube Dress // Stripes One Dress
Fluorescent Over Dress // Fluorescent Flounce Blazer


Ballet Suede // Semi Cordovan Mule
Semi Cordovan Runner // Hand Molded Leather Sandal


Multicolor Leather Tote // Leather Buckle Clutch
Leather Crossbody Box Bag // Medium Crossbody Zip Bag


The Nicks Dress // The Piper Dress
The Quinn Dress // The Theo Dress


Joni Dress // Kate Jumpsuit
Ella Top // Trumpet Pant


Cream Utility Short // Sun Fade Wash Palma Jumpsuit
Moss Loop Dress // Cream Lune Sweater


Venetian Backless Velvet Slipper Shoes
Venetian Velvet Slipper Shoes


Lucia Blouse // Lina Jumpsuit
Claudine Jacket // Sophie Top


Whitney Dress // Lily Blouse
Olive Dress // Thea Blouse


Annyen Lam


If you’ve ever brandished an X-Acto knife you know how unwieldy they can be, and just how much practice it takes to guide the blade with precision. Annyen Lam is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto whose practice includes cut paper work, installation, lithography, screen printing, and book arts. The pieces seen here combine two of her talents – cut paper and lithography.








Dane Lovett


There’s not a lot of information to be found about Australian artist Dane Lovett, but all I need to know is that I like what I see in his work – particularly the pieces centered around plant-life. His latest is a series of two-color ultra-violet paintings that simultaneously make me think of greenhouses and backlights.







Chia Pudding 12 Ways

It took me awhile to get on the chia pudding train because the hype seemed like too much. I only just hopped on last month, and well, I was wrong and it’s delicious. Just make sure you’re near a mirror and some dental floss, you know, just in case.














Ray Pettibon


If the name Ray Pettibon sounds familiar to you, there may be a few reasons why:
1. His association with his brother’s band, Black Flag. He not only named them but designed the distinctive four bar logo.
2. His album cover artwork, like Sonic Youth’s Goo.
3. His prominence in the early 1980s in the southern California punk rock scene.

From an art perspective, Pettibon is known for his comic-like illustrations, usually done in India ink on paper, that often include violent or anti-authoritarian subject matter. In later years he’s also used collage in his works. I’m especially drawn to this collection of surf culture illustrations that was on display at Venus over Manhattan.










Katie Ford‘s Gleamer takes the premise of her mixed media works which focus on place and utility and translates it to wearables. The project grows out of her desire to work towards a zero-waste studio practice and an interest in how mended and handmade garments infuse artful care into daily life. Ford uses quality vintage garments, remnants from studio work, and plant-dyed textiles to create her original one-of-a-kind fabric compositions.







Jill Bliss / Nature Medleys


Jill Bliss has committed her days to studying and creating in the Salish Sea islands of Canada and Washington. She’s bought a parcel of land and plans to build a homestead on it to use as home base as she explores the Cascadia bioregion. And while Bliss explores it all, I’m partial to her Nature Medleys series – the temporary arrangement of mushrooms and plants that she then photographs.

Shop Jill Bliss’ work









Felt+Fat is a collaborative design and production studio founded in 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their small team of designers and crafts people create work based in material exploration, process driven discovery, and playful sensibility. All of their wares can be finished in a number of candy colors, including the blue waters, bright sun, and white sand-inspired summer color ways of Satin, Sky, and SunGold.







Anna Carey / In Search of Rainbows


At first look you might assume that these images by Australian artist Anna Carey were different rooms in an installation or maybe just a monochromatic house remodel, but you would be wrong because her work overlaps photography, model-making, film, and drawing. This spectrum study – In Search of Rainbows – feels especially appropriate following Pride, seven rooms recreated in miniature from rooms Carey found from properties on Google maps.

Through memory and imagination, she creates fictive architectural spaces based on familiar iconic architecture which she photographs. The camera lens magnifies the model with all its imperfections and reminds the viewer that the photograph has been constructed with a miniature materialized object. This aims to reawaken imaginations for the viewer by creating a space of stillness and reflection for one to drift between reality and daydreams – for rediscovering the universe that is inside ourselves.