Insta April


I started off the month with a trip to Ventura, California for Craftcation where I spoke on panels about advanced social media and how I stay on track with my business.

April is generally a crazy busy travel month for me, and this year was no different.

A week and a half later I was at the New York City International Auto Show to help Nissan out with some social media efforts and check out the new incarnation of the Murano.

I’ve been wearing these three pairs of shoes as my spring staples – Bucketfeet, my 20 year old (!) Birkenstocks, and a new pair of Swedish Hasbeens (that I’m still breaking in, hence the bandages).

Bebe got a much needed haircut, check out her Before and After!

I discovered that Rainey has a head shaped like a hamburger that’s too much fun to squish.

While in NYC I went to the best party at a town home with an indoor pool that had a glass wall. Add synchronized swimmers and it got even better.

I’ve been having a moment with garden roses.

Another NYC moment, the most mouthwatering square doughnut covered with toasted coconut and filled with coconut cream. I still wake up in the morning thinking about it.

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Insta March


Bebe scored herself a new sweater for cold days and was especially thankful.
I bought my first bunch of ranunculus for the year.
Peanut stole my new Hudson Bay Caribou throw.
I had the best time speaking at Chirps & Cheers for their Real People series!
The latest addition to Womb Gallery.
This Green Tea with Coconut has changed my life.
Rainey the kitten turn one – not a girl/not yet a woman.
Also, I’m fairly certain she’s actually Bebe’s cat.
I bought the cutest little yellow ceramic bowl.

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Making the Move

Urban Outfitters-Design Crush

PHOTO: Urban Outfitters

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you might know that I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I’ve mentioned it here and there and I’m definitely not lacking when it comes to hometown pride. My entire family (other than my mom and stepdad) still live there, and I’ve missed it since the day I packed up my bags and headed off to college 16 years ago.

So last November I made the decision that I’m making the move back to Pittsburgh.

Everything is still very much in the early stages. Only last Friday did my realtor – the very same one who sold me my current home nearly six years ago – stop by to kick things into gear. I have yet to decide whether I’m going to buy or build (I’m crossing my fingers for the latter), and I still have to do preliminary things like see how much money I’ll be approved for. I bought this house, my first, when I was still working for a design firm and now that I’m self-employed things are bound to be a little different. The good thing is my realtor says that everything is in great shape – only a few paint touchups and packing up my personality before the house can go on the market. He doesn’t anticipate it will last long once listed, so it’s really a matter of figuring out my living situation in PA and then putting it up for sale. NO PRESSURE.

While I’m definitely looking forward to be closer to my family and back in my city, this entire move feels very bittersweet. Oklahoma City has been my home off and on for the past 16 years. In fact, I’m more entwined in it than I ever was in Pittsburgh because I became an adult here. I’m a part of the creative community. I get incredibly sad when I think about leaving, but the fact is the only things truly holding me here in OKC are my mom and stepdad. And they decided to move back to Pittsburgh, too! So the story wrote itself, really.

I have no plans to turn Design Crush into the trials and tribulations of moving halfway across the country, but I’m sure there will be a moving themed post occasionally since it’s about to become such a big part of my life. I hope you’ll hang around throughout the process, and if you live in Pittsburgh say hello. I’m looking to build my future community starting now!


Insta February


Bebe was ridiculously cute, as always.

It was unseasonably cold (like everywhere), and I took full advantage of my puffer coat.
I received the best valentine from my friend, artist Rebecca Rothfus.
I’m two months into my #365quotes project and haven’t missed one yet!
I found out I love blush colored roses.
I ate waaay too much sugar, specifically grocery store cupcakes.
And these macarons from Dana’s Bakery.
Peanut spent most of the month cuddled up to a fuzzy blanket on my bed.
I made bread for the first time ever! And it was so good.
My mom gave me this sweet little salt cellar.
Rainey is 11 months old now, and a super affectionate little kitty.
Piper’s been restless for warm weather and more outside time.
I’m so excited that spring is just around the corner.


Insta January


2014 hasn’t wasted any time out of the starting gate, I’ve already been on two trips with a few more looming. I kicked off January with a bouquet of shocking pink posies, in fact they’re only just now dead on my mantle. On a trip home to Pittsburgh my Dad and I made our annual pilgrimage to the original Primanti’s in the Strip District. So good. I was gifted Winter Cocktails and proceeded to read it like a novel – can’t wait to try them all out! I spent over two hours at Chirps & Cheers one afternoon rolling around on the floor with this handsome furry fellow. I know it’s time to chop my hair when I’m wearing topknots 24/7, so I said sayonara to 6 inches. The day before flying out to Alt Summit I treated myself to a mani-pedi and some fun nail designs. My #365quotes project is still going full steam ahead on Instagram – I haven’t missed a day yet! I attended a fun nature themed party and slapped on these temporary fern tattoos for a little something extra. I can always count on Apartment34 for a fun photo opp! Stay Wild is such a great mantra, no matter what the degree it’s followed to. Snapped this creepy/fun pic with BareMinerals and couldn’t help but make it my new avatar across the board. And I was so happy to be reunited with this extra snuggly guy when I got home from Salt Lake City!


The Year of Alt 2014

Alt 2014-1-Design Crush

This was the year I attended and spoke at my fifth Alt Summit.


Alt 2014-2-Design Crush

This was the year I attended a sponsored dinner with the lovely Jamie of Furbish Studio at Cafe Niche. And had the coolest dessert of pink grapefruit in a spun sugar bowl.


Alt 2014-3-Design Crush

This was the year with keynotes by Garance Doré, Every Mother Counts, and Ben Silbermann of Pinterest. And met Christy Turlington, who is just as beautiful on the inside as out.


Alt 2014-4-Design Crush

This was the year I moderated and spoke on a panel about Blog Revenue with Mom 101, Say Yes, and Little Green Notebook. And learned more than I spoke about.


Alt 2014-5-Design Crush

This was the year that patterned pants, pixie haircuts and brightly colored hair, black and white outfits, baby bellies, booties and smoking loafers, braids, wide-brimmed hats, bright and bold flowers, more than 10 men in attendance, balloons everywhere, and tulle skirts were definitely trending.


Alt 2014-6-Design Crush

This was the year I discovered the Grand America‘s incredible lattes, and wondered why I’d missing out on them for the past four years. It was also the year that I only attended my own panel and spent the rest of the time making Alt work for me in the best possible way.


Alt 2014-7-Design Crush

This was the year that smoke machines were in.


Alt 2014-8-Design Crush

This was the year where my biggest disappointment was missing out on holding a fox, a skunk, and a parrot.


Alt 2014-9-Design Crush

This was the year that black, gold, triple thick edged, and extra special goodies trended in business cards. And where I gave out a round I’ve Gotta Design Crush sticker instead.

Emily Jeffords // Paper and Stitch // Erica Reitman // Fabric Paper Glue // Meg Conley // Approaching Joy // Sara Moore // Brewed Together // City of Industry //  Wander + Find // Moorea Seal // Elsie Marley


Alt 2014-10-Design Crush

Lay Baby Lay // Bree Johnson // Design Lotus // The Curtis Casa // Brickyard Buffalo


Alt 2014-11-Design Crush

A Thousand Threads // House of Lucky // Mer Mag // Practical Punch // Grandiflora // Merrick White // Lovely Indeed // Roundhouse Designs // Jen Loves Kev // Oh Happy Day // Melissa Hope


Alt 2014-12-Design Crush

Lulu the Baker // Pyxie // One Good Thing // The Paper Mama // Minnow + Co // Hank & Hunt // Inside Out & About // Frock Files // Melissa Esplin // Come + Take It


Alt 2014-14-Design Crush

This was the year we all dressed in green and partied beneath monstrous cutout paper flowers thanks to Cricut.


Alt 2014-13-Design Crush


Alt 2014-15-Design Crush

This was also the year we hopped between ELEVEN themed mini parties.


Alt 2014-16-Design Crush


Alt 2014-17-Design Crush


Alt 2014-18-Design Crush


Alt 2014-20-Design Crush


Alt 2014-21-Design Crush


Alt 2014-22-Design Crush

This was the year we maybe broke our photobooth record by hitting every. single. one.


Alt 2014-23-Design Crush


Alt 2014-24-Design Crush

Thanks for another amazing year, Alt!

All photos by Justin HackworthBrooke Dennis, and Kelly Beall.


Whitney English Day Designer

Whitney English Day Designer-1-Design Crush


I’m one of those people. The kind who prefers pen and paper to touchscreen and who needs to write down everything in order to remember it. I’ve used a day planner since high school, but 2013 was the year I found The One. The Whitney English Day Designer is so well thought out that I have to refrain from kissing the lady behind it each and every time I see her. From the worksheets in the front for the solo entrepreneur, to the full page allotted for each day, to the schedule and to do columns – I’m smitten. I’ve never felt more organized in my life, which is saying a lot. (Please note the importance of the last item on my Sunday to do list below.)


Whitney English Day Designer-2-Design Crush

Whitney English Day Designer-3-Design Crush

Whitney English Day Designer-4-Design Crush


Insta December

Insta December-Design-Crush

December was a blur with lots of great things in the process! It started off with some holiday shopping at OKC’s incredible geodesic dome pop-up shops (Pencil Shavings nailed it). Bebe and Rainey have become best friends and their cuddle sessions just about kill me dead with cuteness. It was an extra good Christmas for gift giving, I feel like everything I chose was thoughtfully chosen. This shot of Roxy has to be one of my favorites ever – I think she’s yelling hello to everyone! Rainey helped me wrap gifts by laying on my lap while Bebe assisted with tissue paper. This dish towel from Gingiber is my new winter favorite! My new couch showed up an entire month early and I’m in love – my living room is finally complete. Oklahoma had its usual December ice storm, which was rather beautiful since it didn’t touch the roads too much. Crazy about this vintage cocktail set given to me by the lovely Jojotastic. I’ve always loved sunsets and last week I caught three beauties over Pittsburgh, in Pittsburgh, and over OKC. My favorite Christmas gift was this set of six tasting spoons from Plenty Mercantile. I added this brass banner ring to my collection and have been wearing it daily. Here’s to 2014!


Insta November


I feel like I say this every month, but how in the world is it the end of November already?! (Aside from the Earth continuing to rotate on its axis I mean.) I rung in my 34th birthday on the 4th with plenty of flowers and cake. And beers. It only took me 5+ years, but I finally had the pilot light in my fireplace lit. I’ve been using it for a few hours every few days and I’m kicking myself for taking so long! The fluffiest pumpkin spice pancakes happened, as did a new and much needed pair of Warby Parker glasses. I decorated a little for Thanksgiving with pumpkins, foliage, and a strand of edison bulbs. And then a few days later I put up the tree because I had an itch and scratched it. (And because when you’re 34 you can do whatever you want!) The weather has been unseasonable cold, which means the dogs have already been wearing their sweaters. One of them does not appreciate my mothering, obviously. Speaking of animals, my menagerie as expanded by one! Meet Rainey, the last of the kittens I fostered after the Moore tornadoes in May. (I’m well on track to being a Crazy Animal Lady by 35.) I managed to write out my holiday cards and get them in the mail the day before Thanksgiving, a first. This French Apple Cake with homemade caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream is my new go-to. Trust me on this one and make it immediately. We had some sleet, snow, and freezing rain last weekend, and I love any reason to pull out my Sorels! So warm and cozy. I also made some Apple Dumplings that didn’t last long after coming out of the oven. So now we’re in the homestretch of 2013, can you believe it? Let’s make December count.


Insta October


October is my favorite month of the year, and it inevitable screws me over. It’s like a bad ex that I keep going back to year after year. 2013 was no different, but the second half at least threw me a bone to come back in 2014.

I found an old stash of senior pictures – definitely a case of baby face in the left one. The dogs have decided they much prefer a $50 hypoallergenic pillow on the couch to either a dog bed or blanket. Figures! I finally had the garage sale that’s been five years in the making, and I couldn’t be happier it’s over. (More on that later.) Took a fast weekend trip home to Pennsylvania and couldn’t not stop at my favorite hometown bakery. Three days later I was in sunny Palm Springs, CA soaking up some sun with a few of my favorite ladies. I also attended Camp Mighty and added a few photobooth strips to my ever-growing collection! Then it was back home to play a serious game of catch up and get some Bebe cuddles in.