Cupcakes and Cashmere

One of my very favorite parts of being a blogger is getting to befriend incredible people I’d otherwise never have the chance to know, and Emily Schuman of the wildly popular lifestyle blog Cupcakes and Cashmere is no exception. She just released her first book – Cupcakes and Cashmere: How to Create your Own Signature Style, Entertain with Ease and Spruce up your Space – that’s based on her blog, and I knew it was just going to be full of great tips. Wednesday night I settled into bed thinking I’d peruse the photos and dive in later… only to read the entire thing cover to cover. It’s no wonder since it has the same easy style as Emily’ blog posts. My favorite takeaway is an important one, that you don’t have to have a bazillion dollars to lead a stylish life. It’s all about high and low end items and knowing when to scrimp and when to splurge!


Pen + Ink

I have five tattoos, did you know that? I also have about five more that I want. Pen & Ink is a blog about tattoos and the stories behind them. Every one has a tale, kinda like scars. Pen & Ink tells them through line drawings and beautiful hand-lettering. If you’re inked and have a hankering, you can even submit yours and it just might show up on the site.


Happy Weekend

01/ Paper + thread garland that’s perfect for every party!
02/ Loving these vintage knitting needle bracelets.
03/ How to DIY a hanging daybed, the easy way.
04/ Radiators that double as art.
05/ Genius photographic specimens.
06/ Reconfigured sheets of music.
07/ This homemade marshmallow crème has me drooling.
08/ I’d love to make a lap or ten around this rainbow panorama!
09/ Love this gentleman’s journal! (Thanks, Erin!)
10/ Cheeky urban plant tags.


I Am a Food Blog

It’s been awhile since I gave props to a foodie blog, but when I came across i am a food blog last weekend it caught my eye. Not only was the photography fantastic and the recipes delicious looking, but the past few posts have each featured a logo of sorts. And that put me over the edge. I hope this site continues down the same road, I’m really interested in what’s to come!


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Greg Easton

01/ A font with 16 different sets of a numbers? A graphic designer’s dream come true.

02/ Love these half-dipped frames spotted at Gap Kids. Looks like an easy DIY to me!

03/ Beautifully decorated lightbulbs from Van Eijk + Van der Lubbe.

04/ Guest Checks. A blog for art created on the ubiquitous check.

05/ So excited for Rifle Paper Co.’s new fabric line!

06/ Super cool glass logs cast from real wood.

07/ Quirky DIY Jonathan Adler-inspired face vases.

08/ Colorful Edward Gorey-esque illustrations from Daniel Danger.

09/ A little bit gaga over this blog of curated collections!

10/ A fantastic bevy of paper flower projects.


Salvaged Grace


Aside from my newest role in life as caregiver, I’m also still designing. Last fall I took on a project for the lovely Erin of Salvaged Grace. We’d become friends over Twitter and she was ready for a new logo to go along with her upcoming site redesign. I knew we’d be a good match when she mentioned wanting a type-only mark, my very favorites to design. Here’s what was decided upon ultimately and I couldn’t be happier with it, it’s the perfect mix of fun and lighthearted with vintage. Just what Salvaged Grace is all about.


An Autumn Blogger Party in NYC

A few weeks ago I got to spend a Saturday afternoon with some lovely NYC bloggers, all thanks to Amy of Old Sweet Song and Natalie of The SoHo who put together a fall-themed soiree.

Amy and Natalie were the perfect hostesses, there was more wine than we could ever hope to drink. As there should be!

Each of us was asked to bring a fall-themed dessert. Since I’m currently living in a sublet with none of my usual kitchen gadgetry (not even a hand mixer!) I opted to go kitschy with a Rice Krispies Cake with caramel apple candy corn. Lovely, no?

Susan of House of Brinson brought, literally, pounds of homemade and hand-wrapped gingerbread caramels. And on top of that she packaged us each up a little bag of our own to take home.

My mom makes this every Christmas, we call it Cracker Candy and oh my God. I dare you to eat just one piece. You already lost.

This was the most inventive in my eyes, pear and apple wrapped “mini pies” with pumpkin cream cheese dip. I’m so lucky there were only two left once I got around to trying them!

We tried as many different sweets as we wanted (or until we got high on sugar), Natalie’s caramel sea salt brownies were my vote for best. A perfectly fudgey brownie with crunchy caramel edges, heavenly.

And yes, we totally voted for favorite – there was even a prize! This anise and pine nut pie was the winner.

However, the ladies were sweet enough to put together goodie bags for all of us to leave with. So much good stuff.

An afternoon well spent, indeed. Thanks so much to Amy and Natalie for putting it all together!


Oklahoma Bloggers Night Out

DESIGN: Rachel Shingleton


One thing you might not/probably don’t know is that Oklahoma has a really great blogging community. In this day and age I’m sure lots of cities do, but after living in Oklahoma City for a few years I’m used to fighting the stereotypes.

A few weeks ago a local OKC blogger and Twitter friend, Danielle, emailed me to see if I’d be interested in attending a blogger meetup. I said sure, just let me know when and where and I’ll be there. The next thing I knew there was a time and location nailed down and sponsors involved – talk about putting thoughts into action! She and Rachel Shingleton worked together to assemble a group of female bloggers (mainly design, food, fashion,and lifestyle types) in the OKC area for a night out of talking life and shop. I’d already met about two thirds of them and the newbies certainly did not disappoint.


I snagged a great seat at one end of the table and had fun watching it fill up and the night progress. And since I’ve been fighting a cold all week I opted out of Cheever’s wine list and went with hot tea. In 100 degree weather. Of course everyone thought I was crazy. The biggest disappointment is that I failed to take a photo of the glorious savory strudel Danielle and I shared, I plan on recreating it very, very soon.


Left to right: Danielle Barber, Evie Shaffer, Kathleen Shannon, Rachel Shingleton (hidden), Sara Kate Huff, sponsor from The Makeup Bar, Shana Myers, Erin Cooper, Rita Ortloff (hiding), Susan Wagner, Allison Barta, and Kathryne Taylor


Those of you who know me well know that nothing makes me happier than a good swag bag. (I’ve been known to get somewhere an hour earlier to ensure that I get one in a limited quantity situation.) I was completely impressed with the outpouring of generosity from all the local shops approached, and was flattered when asked to create a mixtape for the occasion.

A huge thank you to all of the sponsors who helped make the evening so great: The Makeup Bar, Chirps & Cheers, Cuppies & Joe (there would be a cupcake in the above photo, but I ate it immediately), Langston’s, Blue Seven, and Uptown Kids.

I had a blast connecting with everyone, hopefully this becomes an event with an even bigger reach sometime soon. Thanks so much to Danielle and Rachel for making it happen!