Never Use White Type on a Black Background.

For the design rebel in you check out Never Use White Type on a Black Background: And 50 Other Ridiculous Design Rules.

Design has many rules that claim to be big truths and full of wisdom. Designers all go by rules that work for them. However, their rules may not work for someone else, or for a particular piece of design work. When a rule is forced upon you, it stops working and becomes a joke, like “Never use a PC,” or “Leave it until the last minute,” or the most famous of them all, “Less is more.”

The problem is that every rule related to, or governing, design is ultimately ridiculous. In this book we have collected the most talked-about rules and the viewpoints of designers and thought leaders who live by them or hate them.


Art & Copy.

I’m stoked to see Art & Copy! Four years in the making, it’s a film about advertising and inspiration (yes and yes!) directed by Doug Pray. Art & Copy reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most noted ad creatives of our time and the cultural impact their work has on society. (Psst… it’s already open in select cities as of August 21st…)


Rapid Change in Design.

Rapid Change in Design (The Changing Landscape & New Rules for Design Project) is a side job my co-worker, Chris, put together in collaboration with our design shop, Hester Designs. I really dig his graphics and the viewpoint that the ultimate goal behind any design – graphic, architectural, web, etc – is to solve a problem. Not design for the sake of designing. Take a look-see and put in your two cents on the topic!

Design is a continuous evolution. Things are changing at rapid speeds, and rapid change calls for us to change the way that we design. This project looks to stimulate that change.


Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 09.

A few weeks ago Pantone released their color predictions for Spring 09 and I have to say, I’m really in love with most of them.

“Spring traditionally evokes a sense of freshness and new beginnings, with sprouting shoots and blossoming flowers that inspire designers to breakout of the winter doldrums. Bright colors return to the top 10 list for spring ’09, as designers incorporate vibrant pops into their collections, yet temper the vibrancy with deeper, translucent or neutral tones.”


Sunny Side Up.

Forgive me if I seem a little out of it. A little flighty or flakey. A little “Did I put on deodorant today?” This week is leaving me with a mental meltdown, a fried egg for a brain. And it’s showing itself off in all other aspects of my life. Only one more day to go, but until then there’s this…

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Design Matters: Packaging 01.

A few months ago my friend Megan, the lone copywriter at Capsule, hooked me up with the latest book in their Design Matters series. Design Matters: Packaging 01. Design is an increasingly competitive marketplace, one in which you constantly need to be in the “know”. But these days most design books only focus on type, color, and layout. The Design Matters series takes a more strategic approach, allowing designers to learn not only what looks good, but also what sort of design is smart.

Packaging 01 is the latest book in the Design Matters series and focuses on developing, creating and implementing package designs. The book is full of beautiful, intelligent examples, so readers can understand the points being highlighted along the way. Their goal? That by the last page you walk away with a better understanding of packaging, the process of creating it, and how it influences our world.

Mission accomplished.

{Thanks Megan!}


But it Pays the Bills.

Sorry for the low postage today – I had a dentist appointment this morning (no cavities!) and have been playing catch-up at work all day. Hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday! Mine is rainy and dreary which is fine by me.

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