Happy Weekend

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+ I’m obsessed with 3D papercrafts. Like this owl.

+ This bear? Not real.

+ Merit badges for grown ups.

+ Cannot WAIT for the Beastie Boys latest project!

+ Cover exposed pipes in your home with bamboo.

+ Mt. Washington, PA homes are always amazing.

+ Great infographic – 10 Minute Guide to the Constitution.

+ A padded cell with cotton candy walls!

+ Bathroom envy.

+ How to tie a (Hermes) scarf.

+ Make your own simple rubber stamps.

Happy Weekend!



It wasn’t so long ago that I talked about Moxy Creative House’s Dress the Part print series. I loved that it was geared towards the boys and was really smart. If you liked it like I did, well, today’s your lucky day because they’ve already released two other series under the EveryGuyed umbrella: Framework and Ensemble: The Style of Music.

Framework focuses on eyewear that’s been made famous by particular individuals like Woody Allen, Kanye West, and Buddy Holly. All prints are limited to fifty.

Ensembles is a series of posters featuring iconic outfits from twenty male musicians. Andre 3000, Kurt Cobain, and Michael Jackson to name a few.


Happy Weekend.

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+ I really, really needed this. Bonus: it’s free.

+ Spaghetti Tacos!!!

+ Prayers the world over have been answered with the Gangsta Lorem Ipsum generator!

+ Geeking out over being able to print + use my very own sundial.

+ Mesmerized by this Kaarina Kaikkonen’s installation.

+ And this rainbow forest.

+ This week has been rough, who’s day isn’t brightened by a sweet compliment?

+ Have you checked out the 1010 Project? It doesn’t disappoint.

+ Letterpress stamped cookies. For reals.

+ Just in case you’re curious about the birth of Wonder Woman

Happy Weekend!

PS: Not much time left to get in on the 2011 Calendar Swap, hope you’ll be joining us!


Happy Weekend.

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+ Hoping these Apple Nachos find my face soon.

+ Why can’t my roof grow a forest?

+ Halloween dessert table, party of one!

+ Great article about chefs, their scars, and how they got them.

+ I love a good bow tie.

+ I automatically don’t like anyone who refuses this Halloween party invitation.

+ Pretty excited about these Pittsburgh tees.

+ Love this Halloween invitation download!

+ Helvetica + Cross-stitch = Awesome

+ Plant your driveway.

+ A scratch-n-sniff print that smells like the moon!

+ This woman chronicled her life in fairground shooting gallery photos.

+ You should pick up a copy of Dick and Jane and Vampires for your favorite kiddo (or kiddo at heart).

+ Some ideas on what to do with the rest of October!

Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend.

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+ I love these DIY flower bulb favors.

+ Yesterday I shared some out of the ordinary wedding rings over on Oh, hello friend.

+ I also answered a few questions for Annie at Poetic + Chic.

+ More Halloween cards + invitations.

+ I’ve been wanting to paint some Mason jars, so this DIY is perfect timing!

+ Sad I didn’t think of this idea when I moved into my first apartment.

+ Every designer, actually every human, needs to read these words from Milton Glaser.

+ Wowed by these courtroom sketches.

+ Web designers rejoice and meet the Gridulator!

+ I can’t wait to pick up a copy of Baked’s second cookbook.

+ WANT: these Maple Candied Apples in my face.

+ One more reason I need to my ass to NYC: FoodParc.

+ Did you know you can visit illustrator Edward Gorey’s house?

+ Looking for a reason to make + wear a fall leaf mask.

+ New garb for your desktop 1, 2

Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend.

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+ I want these Raspberry + Goat’s Milk Yogurt Popsicles in my face. Now.

+ Finally! Levi + Alyson’s wedding with mandatory photos and details.

+ I’m officially on the hunt for cool molds so that I can make sorbet bombes.

+ Make your own honey sticks. I used to go gaga for these as a kid.

+ Beautiful life advice to design students from Frank Chimero.

+ Brooklyn Limestone has be insanely thrilled for the month of October!

+ Oh man, now I want an outdoor shower.

Happy Weekend!

PS: Don’t forget to enter the Roll&TumblePress giveaway before Monday at 9am CST! (My answer: Joe McIntyre from New Kids on the Block. Man, I was in lurve with that boy.)