Mae Engelgeer

Mae Engelgeer-1-Design Crush


Dutch textile designer Mae Engelgeer opened her own studio waaay back in 2014 in Amsterdam. By combining new technology and materials she creates the most stylish of textile collections, two of which are launching this summer. POP is a bright and playful towel series, while JET is its minimal and neutral counterpart.


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Mae Engelgeer-3-Design Crush

Mae Engelgeer-4-Design Crush

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Issey Miyake x Iittala

Ittala x Issey Miyake-1-Design Crush


Designers love Japanese fashion house Issey Miyake, and now they’ve partnered with Finnish brand Iittala to create a range of homeware which includes pleated place mats, tote bags, and more. The collaboration – Issey Miyake x Iittala – has been in development for four years and includes thirty textile, ceramic, and glass pieces for the home. The technology developed for use in the pleating is fascinating, employing a technique that uses steam to pleat the fabric into origami-like patterns as well as a process that involves baking material in an oven. And that pastel palette? Perfect for spring.


Ittala x Issey Miyake-2-Design Crush

Ittala x Issey Miyake-3-Design Crush

Ittala x Issey Miyake-4-Design Crush

Ittala x Issey Miyake-5-Design Crush

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Chris Earl

Chris Earl-1-Design Crush


Chris Earl‘s upbringing in Papua New Guinea instilled in him a respect for creating objects to fulfill a purpose, create a story, and build community. He puts it all into play in his line of furniture, tabletop, and ceramics where that trifecta is the guiding light. Functional, graceful, and timeless.


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Chris Earl-3-Design Crush

Chris Earl-4-Design Crush

Chris Earl-5-Design Crush

Chris Earl-6-Design Crush


Knot Pillows

Knot Pillows-1-Design Crush


These Knot Pillows look straight outta the ’90s, in a good way of course! One long tube tied up in a massive knot, then splatter painted for good measure. Perfect for sleepovers, pillow fights, and cuddling.


Knot Pillows-2-Design Crush

Knot Pillows-3-Design Crush


Fundamental Berlin

Fundamental Berlin-1-Design Crush


In my mid-20s I had picture frames everywhere. On the walls and on shelves, featuring friends and family as well as anything else I deemed frame-worthy. At some point I abandoned all but one of me and my mom in a photobooth when I was a few months old. Nothing has managed to change my ways, but then I came across these brass and steel standout beauties from Fundamental Berlin and I think I’m beginning to see the light.


Fundamental Berlin-2-Design Crush

Fundamental Berlin-3-Design Crush

Fundamental Berlin-4-Design Crush

Fundamental Berlin-5-Design Crush