Stol Guitar Stand

Stol Guitar Stand-1-Design Crush


I don’t play guitar, but I always have the goal to someday pick it up. The Stol guitar stand pushes me even further in that direction, considering the instrument would look eons better perched upon it than in my clumsy hands. The Stol (Swedish for chair) is collapsible, snap the two wood frames together then knock them down to store flat.


Stol Guitar Stand-2-Design Crush

Stol Guitar Stand-3-Design Crush

Stol Guitar Stand-4-Design Crush

Stol Guitar Stand-5-Design Crush

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Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual Calendar-1-Design Crush



Last month I had the chance to meet and chat with Seattle’s fruitsuper design and fell even harder for their brilliant, thoughtful designs. And their latest is maybe their greatest. If you guessed it was an abacus you’d be exactly like me – but it’s a perpetual calendarThe entire piece is made in the U.S.A. with the porcelain slip cast in Texas, the the brass machined in California, the maple in Maine, and then all assembled in Washington. Right now this guy is sitting high atop my Christmas list!

Balancing timeless simplicity with sculptural tactility, this iconic counting calendar is hand crafted with porcelain beads, brass, and solid maple. Simply slide the beads to indicate month, day, and date – adding elegant repetition to your everyday.



Perpetual Calendar-2-Design Crush

Perpetual Calendar-3-Design Crush


Son of a Sailor

Son of a Sailor-1-Design Crush



A lot of great things have happened since we last checked in with Son of a Sailor back in 2013. I had a chance to meet William Knopp and Jessica Tata, the husband and wife team behind it all, earlier this month and they clued me in to the evolution of their shop. Lots of new jewelry and accessories rich with organic materials and inspired by geometry are making their faces known, along with fun pieces like wooden yo-yos, leather playing card cases, and beautiful cutting boards. It’s safe to say that my crush is only growing!



Son of a Sailor-2-Design Crush


Son of a Sailor-3-Design Crush

Son of a Sailor-4-Design Crush

Son of a Sailor-5-Design Crush

Son of a Sailor-6-Design Crush



Kahler-1-Design Crush


Kähler was family-run for four generations, from the foundation of the Kähler workshop in 1893 until 1974 when the last generation left the company. Since then the company’s focus has been on following trends and adjusting to them, which they’re remarkably good at. I can’t get enough of their homewares and hope to add some to my own collection soon.


Kahler-2-Design Crush

Kahler-3-Design Crush

Kahler-4-Design Crush

Kahler-5-Design Crush