Mirror Masks

Mirror Mask-1-Design Crush


These yes, no, and maybe Mirror Masks are so much fun for your walls! It may be a Monday, but I’m feeling the yes after a weekend filled with so much fun and so many friends. (You can purchase each one separately or as a set of three.)


Mirror Mask-2-Design Crush

Mirror Mask-3-Design Crush


Issey Miyake x Iittala

Ittala x Issey Miyake-1-Design Crush


Designers love Japanese fashion house Issey Miyake, and now they’ve partnered with Finnish brand Iittala to create a range of homeware which includes pleated place mats, tote bags, and more. The collaboration – Issey Miyake x Iittala – has been in development for four years and includes thirty textile, ceramic, and glass pieces for the home. The technology developed for use in the pleating is fascinating, employing a technique that uses steam to pleat the fabric into origami-like patterns as well as a process that involves baking material in an oven. And that pastel palette? Perfect for spring.


Ittala x Issey Miyake-2-Design Crush

Ittala x Issey Miyake-3-Design Crush

Ittala x Issey Miyake-4-Design Crush

Ittala x Issey Miyake-5-Design Crush

Ittala x Issey Miyake-6-Design Crush



Meteo-1-Design Crush


I have this thing for floor rugs, and greatly wish I could afford a few more so they could be switched out occasionally. The latest target of my affections is the Meteo line, a collaboration between French designer Inga Sempé and Golran. The contemporary Persian designs feature three different soft, contemporary geometric patterns that are each available in three colors.


Meteo-2-Design Crush

Meteo-3-Design Crush


Chris Earl

Chris Earl-1-Design Crush


Chris Earl‘s upbringing in Papua New Guinea instilled in him a respect for creating objects to fulfill a purpose, create a story, and build community. He puts it all into play in his line of furniture, tabletop, and ceramics where that trifecta is the guiding light. Functional, graceful, and timeless.


Chris Earl-2-Design Crush

Chris Earl-3-Design Crush

Chris Earl-4-Design Crush

Chris Earl-5-Design Crush

Chris Earl-6-Design Crush


Fox & Ramona

Fox & Ramona-1-Design Crush


A serious love of home accessories, interior design, and home decor was the driving force behind Fox & Ramona‘s 2011 inception in Melbourne, Australia. Each and every concrete piece is made in shop owner Kristy’s home, which she then juxtaposes them with freeform paint strokes.


Fox & Ramona-2-Design Crush

Fox & Ramona-3-Design Crush

Fox & Ramona-4-Design Crush

Fox & Ramona-5-Design Crush

Fox & Ramona-6-Design Crush


Caroline Z Hurley

Caroline Z Hurley-1-Design Crush


Each of Caroline Z Hurley‘s homeware collections are based on a city, the current being Florence. Painting and traveling inspire Caroline’s work which she creates in Brooklyn before passing off to manufacturers she has direct relationships with. Block printers in New Bedford, ceramicists in North Carolina, quilters in New Jersey, and weavers in Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico.


Caroline Z Hurley-2-Design Crush

Caroline Z Hurley-3-Design Crush

Caroline Z Hurley-4-Design Crush

Caroline Z Hurley-5-Design Crush

Caroline Z Hurley-6-Design Crush


Mesh Series Shelves

The Mesh Series-1-Design Crush


Bride & Wolfe’s Mesh Series Shelves are a range of powder-coated steel shelves with perforated patterns, perfect for adding decor or storage to your walls. Choose from various shapes – circles, rectangles, triangles, and a shield – to add some pizzazz in a graphic way.


The Mesh Series-2-Design Crush

The Mesh Series-3-Design Crush

The Mesh Series-4-Design Crush

The Mesh Series-5-Design Crush

The Mesh Series-6-Design Crush



PINCH-1-Design Crush


I’m currently sipping some green tea as I type, and I’m wishing it were out of this PINCH cup and saucer instead of a mug I’ve owned since college. Inspired by ancient clay oil lamps, this matte porcelain beauty excels at elevating a mundane experience.


PINCH-2-Design Crush

PINCH-3-Design Crush

PINCH-4-Design Crush