Light and Ladder

Light and Ladder-1-Design Crush


Light and Ladder excels on one particular point that I consider in every purchase for my home – elevating the everyday through beauty and function. The Brooklyn-based design studio strives to create objects that are thoughtful, useful, and made to last through inspiration from simplicity of the natural world and the geometric lines of the modern city. I’d call the union a wild success.


Light and Ladder-2-Design Crush

Light and Ladder-3-Design Crush

Light and Ladder-4-Design Crush

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Light and Ladder-6-Design Crush


The Versatility of a Good Throw

Snowe Home-1-Design Crush


January is not only the coldest, but the month demanding the highest level of coziness. Thankfully Snowe recently released the perfect throw blanket for the job. I’ve been carrying it from room to room for the past week as I work through my day, because it’s just that functional and versatile. It’s a great throw to curl up with during a nap, and the super luxe cashmere, merino lambswool. and silk feel as amazing as they sound.


Snowe Home-2-Design Crush

Snowe Home-3-Design Crush


I’ve been trying to get back into my reading groove in the new year. This throw is the perfect thing to curl up with in my favorite chair – just add a book and a steaming mug of tea! Not only does this beauty look seamless in my living room, it’s also static resistant so it attracts less… like my pups’ hair.


Snowe Home-4-Design Crush

Snowe Home-5-Design Crush


Last, but certainly not least, it’s ideal for curling up in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine. Just like all of Snowe‘s goods, it’s exceptionally made and thoughtfully designed. I’m looking forward to adding more of their pieces to my home over time.

This post sponsored by Snowe. As always, all words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Design Crush creating fresh content!

Mugs // Red Wine Glasses // Drink Essentials Set // Candle


Rayleigh Table Lamp

Rayleigh Table Lamp-1-Design Crush


Though it carries a hefty price tag, I can’t help but stare at the Rayleigh Table Lamp. When switched off it comes off as a pretty pastel geometric sculpture, but flip the switch and light flows through a series of prisms to create a spectrum of neon hues.


Rayleigh Table Lamp-2-Design Crush


Lorena Marañon

Lorena Marañon-1-Design Crush


Something about January makes me feel like I should be hunkered down embroidering next to a roaring fire. The problem is I haven’t done so much as cross-stitch since elementary school, so the end results would be nothing as spectacular as the work of Lorena Marañon. The Cuban-born artist is inspired by the landscapes of her youth – northeastern coastlines, rivers, and plants – and the colors that surrounded her. The result is a beautiful body of work that’s full of embroidery, patchwork, and jewelry.


Lorena Marañon-2-Design Crush

Lorena Marañon-3-Design Crush

Lorena Marañon-4-Design Crush

Lorena Marañon-5-Design Crush

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Mid-Century Stainless Tea Pot with Wood Handle

It’s been downright brutally cold here in the northeast this week, and I’ve been drinking at least three cups of tea a day. When I was a kid my Grandma drilled into my head that heating your water in a kettle rather than in the  microwave just made the brew taste that much better, and I’ve lived by that rule. These days I take it a step further and brew in a pot rather than the mug itself, too.



Mayu Cast Iron Teapot // White Pebble Tea Set // Vintage Red and White Polka Dot Enamel Tea Pot



Helena Teapot & Coaster Set // Vintage Metal Tea Pot // Copper Teapot



Form Tea Pot // Vintage Mid-Century Tea Pot // Vintage Royal Holland Short Pewter Tea Pot



Vintage Rörstrand Ceramic Tea Pot // Chantal Copper Whistling Tea Kettle // OXO Classic Brushed Stainless Tea Kettle



Sideshow Press

Sideshow Press-1-Design Crush


Designer-owners Amy Pastre and Courtney Rowson are creating amazing things for desktop, tabletop, and travel. Within the past year or so I’ve become a massive fan of these ladies and what they’re doing over at Sideshow Press. Amy and Courtney believe in great design and craftsmanship for everyday products and are dedicated to working with remarkable materials and like-minded American manufacturers. All things I stand behind wholeheartedly. It doesn’t hurt that they know their way around a letterpress machine like a couple of bosses either.


Sideshow Press-2-Design Crush

Sideshow Press-3-Design Crush

Sideshow Press-4-Design Crush

Sideshow Press-5-Design Crush

Sideshow Press-6-Design Crush

Leatherette Postcard // Cocktail Tray // Note Pad // 5-Inch Drink Stirrer //
Lapel Pin // Napkin Coaster