Herb Stand.

I’ve grown herbs before but always neglect to use them. And then I feel guilty. I love that the Herb Stand put herbs and scissors in the same place – making it way more probable that I’d use both. And that’s not even the end of the functionality story – the pots are also easy to separate or attach to one another.

:: via NOTCOT


Garden Hose.

I’m lucky enough to have a spigot in the back of my house and a second one right in the front. My problem? No hose! I think I need either the yellow or purple one. (Thanks, Jeni!)
I also thought I’d take a quick minute to update you all on the house progress. Thanks for being interesting and keeping after me about it! Everything is moving along slow, but sure.

Here’s my to do list at the moment:
• organize books on shelves in living room
• find goldenrod colored sheers for the master bedroom
• clear empty boxes out of dining area
• put table and chairs in dining area
• organize office
• hang frames, mirrors, etc.
• clean trash out of garage and hose out (see why I need one?!)


Plant Labels.

These plant labels are so simple, yet so well done with their sweet little illustrations and dashed lines.

My grandmother just gave me some poppy seeds to plant at my new house and apparently they won’t bloom for a year or so. She keeps reminding me not to run them over with the lawnmower because they’ll just look green for so long – these would be perfect to mark where they’re planted.

:: via Design*Sponge



The I.V. is rad. (And FYI – I’m bring back to word rad.) I think my living vs dead plant ratio might increase exponentially with something like this around.

This self-watering plant pot’s main feature is a medical drip feed. This unique characteristic allows the plant to be nourished with water and food as it is required.

:: via Josh Spear


Guerilla Gardening.

When Richard Reynolds began planting flowers secretly at night he had to idea he was part of a growing global movement committed to combating neglect, land shortage and apathy towards public spaces. His blog attracts guerilla gardeners the world over who share their experiences. Check out his book – On Guerilla Gardening – to learn more about how and why people are joining the cause of guerilla gardening.

:: via Josh Spear



The Plantorb is fantastic! The hanging ceramic orb is 8″ in diameter with a 28” long woven sisal cord. As much as I would love to plant something in this, I think I would love even more to hang one inside my front door to throw my keys and sunglasses into when I get home.


Trio Herb Pot.

How pretty would this look perched on a kitchen windowsill?!

Sagaform’s Trio Herb Pot is a simple solution to prolonging the life of your fresh herbs. Simple and practical design, this ceramic pot is an ingenious way of enjoying fresh herbs much like flowers: insert a bunch into the opening, and keep hydrated by pouring water into the corner hole. The broad base ensures that all stalks have access to water, while allowing air to circulate so herbs keep from becoming limp and waterlogged.