Macrame Plant Hangers

PHOTO: Heather Moore

I think I’ve mentioned before that I grew up in a row house. That didn’t leave a lot of room for a garden or the plants that my mom wanted around, so she relied on a few macrame plant hangers in front of our living room windows. I wish I could say that these are some revved up modern versions, but they’re not. They’re exactly the same and that’s just what I love. In fact, I think I’m going to make a few for my own living room windows.


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Lex Kembery


01/  I like this DIY chevron picnic blanket
02/  How to Dress Like The Royal Tenenbaums
03/  how to make a succulent table from a recycled pallet
04/  these golden gift tags would be perfect for, oh, everything
05/  yeah, I could definitely vacation here
06/  this sandwich
07/  melted crayon art
08/  custom emboss your own stationery
09/  I wish my backyard were large enough for a movie screen!
10/  still photos of dogs in motion


Happy Weekend (from Seattle)

PHOTO: Steve Shook

By the time you’re reading this I’ll be Seattle-bound for a little event I’ve been invited to attend. I’ve never been to the PNW before and am incredibly stoked. Not only to get to do a few awesome things I’d never be able to do otherwise, but also to meet up with some bloggers and my BFF from junior high during the two days I’ll be in town. This girl’s got a good life. On that note, I’m leaving you with an extremely fantastic/extended list of links you’ll want to be sure and click on.

01/  cute summer succulent garden you can mimic
02/  DIY wrap bracelets
03/  check out The Ultimate Hitch Cookbook
04/  the biggest Polaroid prints ever
05/  intricate laser lace tees + tops from Diana Eng
06/  a recipe for Butterbeer!
07/  I will never forget that I am awesome
08/ a candle made from a ball of waxed string
09/ the Decibel Audio Sound Frame gives your art a soundtrack
10/  you’ve never seen photos of flowers like these before
11/  summer water
12/  making this: leather beaded necklace
13/  a vertical turntable for your wall
14/  turn a men’s dress shirt into a skirt
15/  a travel mug coffee press!


Vases Galore

Kahler Omaggio vases
{via MAIYA}


West Elm’s Hive Vases


DIY Fire Extinguisher Vase from Wit & Whistle


This past Sunday I went to a bridal shower for a good friend, her mom used to be a florist and blooms were everywhere. As I was leaving they handed me a vase that had been on one of the tables to take home. I never realize just how much I love having fresh flowers in my house until they’re actually there. Then the entire space feels lighter and brighter, and I’m happier.

My vase collection consists mainly of the glass variety, in all shapes and colors. My favorite is a clear short one that says You are my sunshine on the side. I think I paid three dollars for it in college. I love the beauties sitting up top there.


Happy {Spring} Weekend

PHOTOS: mrs. french


01. how to make your own seed bombs
02. but of course French Paper Co. has lovely business cards!
03. hope you had a lovely Pi Day
04. I’d love to stay at the Whitepod Resort
05. now you can make your own Pop Rocks!
06. create a secret doorstop stash for your valuables
07. if March Madness isn’t for you, maybe Beard Madness is
08. print your own fabric
09. I forgot to do a pie roundup for Pi Day, Amy’s got my back
10. genius idea: visual note taking at SXSWi


Kelly Lamb Planters

Geodesic shapes are kind of a big deal right now, popping up everywhere from hotel pods to fashion runways. I’m especially fond of Kelly Lamb’s contribution, these concrete finish planters.