Grow Bottles

Grow Bottles are upcycled planting kits composed completely of sourced and re-purposed materials. The containers are made from cut reclaimed wine bottles, half of which is inverted, and come with organic seeds. Choose from basil, chives, mint, parsley, and oregano. {via The Dieline}


Square Containers 1.0

I like the idea of having a container garden, something not quite as permanent and less traditional. A whole mess of these Square Containers 1.0 from BILT Products would do nicely. They’re made of 12 gauge steel and range in size from 3″ square to 12″ square. Eventually, over time, the edges will rust giving them even more character. {via Simone LaBlanc Inc.}


Happy Weekend.

{The devil’s crayon}

+ I love these DIY flower bulb favors.

+ Yesterday I shared some out of the ordinary wedding rings over on Oh, hello friend.

+ I also answered a few questions for Annie at Poetic + Chic.

+ More Halloween cards + invitations.

+ I’ve been wanting to paint some Mason jars, so this DIY is perfect timing!

+ Sad I didn’t think of this idea when I moved into my first apartment.

+ Every designer, actually every human, needs to read these words from Milton Glaser.

+ Wowed by these courtroom sketches.

+ Web designers rejoice and meet the Gridulator!

+ I can’t wait to pick up a copy of Baked’s second cookbook.

+ WANT: these Maple Candied Apples in my face.

+ One more reason I need to my ass to NYC: FoodParc.

+ Did you know you can visit illustrator Edward Gorey’s house?

+ Looking for a reason to make + wear a fall leaf mask.

+ New garb for your desktop 1, 2

Happy Weekend!


Monkeys Always Look.

I came home from work yesterday to find the guy who mows my lawn going at it for the first time this year. And then I panicked. Because all I could think about was the three months of dog crap in my backyard that I had planned on scooping up this weekend. No, really. But he just ran it all over and I checked “fertilize lawn” off my list! Now I can focus on planting.

Or I could have someone talented plant things for me in cute terrariums and call it a day. And not have to step in mulched dog crap to see results.


Sky Planters.

It’s official! I’ve got spring on my mind and all that comes with it. Quality time spent outdoors, patio parties with friends and all things green. In the meantime I’d settle for a few of these Sky Planters indoors. Fresh herbs in the kitchen? Yes, please!


Herb Keeper.

I love having fresh herbs to cook with in my kitchen. Unfortunately I’m not growing any myself at the moment, but I do buy them at the grocery store with the roots still intact. The problem is that I never ever use them all at once and despite my best efforts to keep the little guys fresh and alive I always fail.

Enter the Herb Keeper. Iteep fresh herbs or asparagus crisp and green longer than refrigeration by immersing the stems in water. Large capacity keeper fits in most refrigerator doors.



I love Lampel. It’s a pendant light fixture that allows you to fill the upper portion with whatever your heart desires. I’m partial to the plant, but love how you can change things out to really make it your own. And with the clear glass “shade” it’s versatile enough to go with lots of decor styles!


Succulent Wreath.

I’m in lust with this succulent wreath. It’s made up of five different varieties of succulent plants and the coolest part – it’s alive! And you only have to water it every few weeks.