Virtual Outdoor Oasis + Outdoor Trunk Giveaway

If you live in a part of the world where summer evenings are in the 70-degree range, mild breezes are de rigueur, and humidity is at a solid zero percent then I am in completely and total envy. Because that is my summer dream, to work (or play) the day away and relax into a backyard oasis with perfect weather in the evenings. My current backyard is basically the size of two postage stamps next to one another, so I’ve resorted to creating a virtual oasis to satiate my longings. Outdoor Trunk is just the place to shop for such outdoor necessities, so i dug in and found some pieces I love that would make any backyard a dream.



Round Bolster Pillow // Java Pillow // Vertical Garden Box // Glass Bird Feeder // Cafe Lighting //
Asia Fire Pit // Beverage Cart // Sunrise Wind Chime



I dream of owning a hammock some day soon, so I’m completely envious that you have the chance to win what is possibly the most relaxing piece of outdoor furniture to ever exist. And what summer is worth anything without a great BBQ set to assist with some solid grilling? That’s right, none. Enter to win both from Outdoor Trunk and then report back with how awesome they are when you win!


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Stock Tank Pools

Stock Tank Pool-1-Design Crush

Photo: bigBANG studio

After silently stalking some Instagram friends for the past few summers, I can finally admit my obsession with stock tank pools. They’re exactly what they sound and look like – stock tanks meant for farms that can be filled and collect rain water. Once they’re brimming with H2O you can not only use their holdings to hydrate your garden and flowerbeds, you can also jump in for a nice soak! (They also make a fantastic emergency source of water.) The industrial look is really appealing to me as well as their utilitarian purpose. Some people install rudimentary filter systems, while others just let them go on their own. Stock tanks come in a variety of sizes and are relatively affordable. Seems like getting a pool just got a lot closer within reach. (You can also turn them into hot tubs!)


Stock Tank Pool-2-Design Crush

Photo: The Yard

Stock Tank Pool-3-Design Crush

Photo: Bohemian Homes


#DestinationSummer: Oklahoma City



Welcome to the Oklahoma City stop on Kohl’s #DestinationSummer virtual road trip across the USA! As someone who works long hours and has a difficult time stepping away from her inbox, I love the idea of exploring the reaches of your own town and taking full advantage of what’s right at your fingertips! While I love traveling there’s something to be said for sticking to a budget and ending the day in your own bed. Ahhh on all counts.




Oklahoma summers get hot, and they get hot fast. I’m most definitely an indoor girl at heart, so my warm weather excursions happen either early or late in the day. Avoiding triple digits is key to my summer survival! I love taking my dogs Piper and Bebe for walks, and one of our favorite places to stroll in the morning is along the paths around Lake Hefner. The lake is a fast five minutes from my house and boasts bike paths, trails, and plenty of space for kite flying. Even on the rare dreary day it’s still booming.





I like to grab a big tote and stuff it with a few toys, water for both of us, and maaaybe some snacks (for me). The dogs are generally way too busy smelling everything and eyeing up other pups to pay much attention to the toys, but it makes me feel like an overachieving dog mom so I do it anyway. (Anything for bonus points!)

Slingback Sandals // Perforated Tote // Bowmerang Dog Toy




Low-key outdoor evenings spent with friends are one of my favorite things about summer life, add some delicious small bites and I’m on cloud nine! It’s the perfect time to throw on a sundress and pull together a fast picnic with your favorite people. A tablecloth stands in for a picnic blanket, melamine cups and plates make great sense for the outdoors, now just add in a few throw pillows for comfortable lounging and you’ve created something special.





Starting your picnic at sunset is a stroke of genius, if I say so myself. Everyone is much more relaxed and the slow and quiet slide of the sun below the horizon lends the most beautiful mood lighting that money could never buy.





I like keeping the food small and the drinks simple. Platters are great to pile with fresh fruits and vegetables to nibble as you chat away the night. Check back in tomorrow because I’m going to share some of the small, simple food we pulled together for this particular picnic with my friend Ali!

Plaid Tablecloth // Linen Pillow // Plush Pillow // Fish Platter // Lemon Platter // Salad Plate // Double Old Fashioned Glass // Beverage Jug



(We thought Bebe and Wally would go for the honey-drizzled plate, but they couldn’t get enough of the leftover butter!)

Photography: Caroline Cohenour

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Kohl’s, however all words and opinions are my own as always. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Design Crush going!


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ A minimalist depiction of mental disorders.
02/ This zen rock garden is actually full of Japanese candy!
03/ Hilariously true animated gifs of basic tips and etiquette for surviving in NYC.
04/ Painstakingly crafting portraits of musicians made from cornflakes.
05/ Ringly lights up and buzzes when your phone needs you!
06/ This retired Boeing 727 was converted into a home in the woods. Would you dare?
07/ Picnic Lounge is an oversized blanket that resembles an antique rug. Clever.
08/ Smart ads for Keloptic turn impressionist art into realism.
09/ Social Planes take you offline – download, write, fold, and fly!
10/ When baristas and bartenders joins forces we are blessed with coffee cocktails.

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Crazy incredible paintings/sculptures from Conrad Jon Godly.
I’m slowing going minimalist with my style and this modern lamp is my latest addition.
Childhood dreams and sketchbook drawings come to life thanks to Katharine Morling.
If you’re looking for a super easy project this DIY Matchstick Holder is where it’s at!
After seven years of blogging we finally have a Design Crush identity suite like pros.


Summer Wish List


1. Coral and Cream Spot Bikini  2. Sleeveless Drapey Top  3. Il Sandolo Sandal  4. Geometric Fire Pit  5. Tholos Mosaic Stud Earrings  6. Objects Wednesday Dress

I like to keep the wish lists to a minimum around here, so I always look forward to the anticipation of a new season. While I’m not one to overhaul anything ever, I do like to add a few pieces to my closet and jewelry box to help make classic, longstanding pieces feel fresh again. This time I’ve also mixed in a few outdoor things that would definitely help elevate summer to an entirely new level!



7. Grillo  8. Rose Gold Pebble Ring  9. The Bedford Dress  10. Alea Duo  11. Straw Bucket with Band  12. Toda Vista Swing Dress

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Modern Birdhouses

From what I remember I’ve never had a birdhouse hanging in the yard or window of any home I’ve lived in.  But birdhouses aren’t what they used to be, especially these eleven modern versions. Do you think they’d mind creating a human-sized version for me?



ROW 1: Camera Shutter by Twig & Timber // Birdhouse by KOROMIKO // Modern Birdhouse by Oh Dier Living    ROW 2:Modern Birdhouse by Ingleside Pottery // Bird House Cat by Shabby with Chic    ROW 3: Vinyl Tube Birdhouse by The Birdhouse Chick // Typography Bird Houses from Anthropologie // Blue Wood Birdhouse by Ghenganette    ROW 4: Pratone Birdhouses from Anthropologie // MIKKO by PYGMALION // Tree Ring Birdhouse by Hinika



Blooms + Posies


Clockwise: Haley Sheffield // Bringing Nature Home // Kari Herer Photography // Fieldwork Flowers // Marija Mandic

This time of year brightly colored flowers are like tinfoil and I’m like a magpie, the more the merrier! I love having weekly blooms in my home, but when I don’t get around to it my Blooms + Posies board on Pinterest provides plenty of eye candy. I’ve been spending lots of time daydreaming about landscaping and flowerbeds while I peruse – only 22 days until spring!


Giant Cloud Cushions

Giant Cloud Cushions-1-Design Crush


While I’m thoroughly enjoying the crazy winter weather the country has been experiencing lately, I’m also dreaming of spring. Particularly those first days that are just warm enough to shed your coat and trepidatiously put on a pair of sandals. These Giant Cloud Cushions are beyond perfect for laying around in the grass and soaking up some rays (with SPF, of course). They’re enormous, waterproof, and comfortable – and my backyard just asked for a pair!


Giant Cloud Cushions-2-Design Crush


Giant Cloud Cushions-3-Design Crush


Crumpled Sky Map

Crumpled Sky Map-Design Crush

The end of summer/beginning of autumn is my favorite time of year to stargaze, all the better if someone cute is accompanying me. The Crumpled Sky Map is the perfect star guide to throw in a bag along with a blanket and bottle of wine before you head out. It’s waterproof, glows in the dark, and measures almost a meter square.