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Hi! Kate here, from Cookie and Kate. I offer fresh, vegetarian recipes on my blog. I had the pleasure of getting to know Kelly when I was new to blogging and living in Oklahoma. My dog, Cookie, and I moved up to Kansas City a couple of years ago. Since Kelly is in the process of moving back to Pennsylvania, she asked me to share a few travel-friendly snacks. Safe travels, Kelly!


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Almond Honey Granola: This is my go-to granola recipe. It’s a great, wholesome snack for the road. You can eat it as is or stop for some yogurt and turn it into breakfast.


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Lebanese Lemon-Parsley Salad: This simple bean salad is packed with flavor. Store it in a spill-proof container and don’t forget your fork! It should last at room temperature for a few hours, but pack it in a cooler if you intend to wait any longer before eating. 


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Apricot Almond Bars: These knock-off Larabars are easy to make in a food processor and feature one of my favorite flavor combinations. They keep hunger pangs at bay in between meals. 


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Banana Coconut Muffins: These tasty muffins are more wholesome than most. They’re made with whole wheat flour and naturally sweetened with honey. Pro tip: Don’t leave your dog in the car with an open bag of muffins. 


Crepes 10 Ways

Crepes are pancake’s skinnier sister, though we don’t discriminate. Where pancakes can be heavy in your mis-section, crepes are light. Pancakes are best paired with sweet toppings, whereas crepes can be stuffed or topped with sweet or savory. They’re just a fantastic palette for whatever delicious things you have on hand to pair with them. (And that’s not even taking into account the varied flavors you can create for the crepes themselves.) Here are ten takes on crepes to get your mouth watering!












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Summer Staple: Ice Cream Sandwiches

After a week of ice cream, lemonade, popsicles, and potato salad we’re wrapping up our week of summer staples with one of the most portable of treats – ice cream sandwiches! And we’re going far beyond the traditional chocolate with vanilla ice cream that we all grew up with smeared on our hands and faces.















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Summer Staple: Potato Salad

Few things beat a fresh bowl of potato salad, especially when served with baked beans and something hot off the grill. (Drool.) I love that it’s one of those dishes that can be incredibly versatile as well. One day I’ll share my Grandma’s recipe which is famous among hundreds, but for now these nine will have to do! (Other summer staples: ice cream, lemonade, and popsicles)











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Summer Staple: Popsicles

So far we’ve covered ice cream and lemonade in our week of summer staple recipes. Today we’re talking about a treat that’s somehow both traditional and trendy all at once – the popsicle! I have very vivid memories of spending hot days at my great aunt’s pool, coming inside to cool down and argue with my cousins over who got a banana popsicle and who got a chocolate one from the bulk bag she bought at the grocery store. All I know is it’s a good thing some of these flavors weren’t an option back then, or there would have been some hair pulling! We’ve included a few boozy options for the adults below, so take note.

















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Summer Staple: Lemonade

Day two of summer staples has us singing the praises of lemonade in its myriad of forms. With fruit, with herbs, or just made the traditional way plain and simple. There are few things more quintessentially summer than sitting outside, wiping sweat from your brow, and sipping on a glass of sweet-tart goodness. (Monday: Ice Cream)












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Summer Staple: Ice Cream

In summers past I’ve chosen one treat and focused on it in a mega post. (See: 108 Ways to Scream for Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet + More and Ice Cream, Gelato, Frozen Yogurt + Sorbet – Oh My!) This year I’ve decided on a different tactic in order to cover more ground. Every day this week we’ll be posting a roundup of a food that’s nothing less than a summertime staple. We’re starting off the week with the most obvious classic – ICE CREAM!














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I (Kind of) Quit Sugar (Because I Had To)

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Back in May a completely unexpected thing happened. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. (I struggle not to go all Wilfred Brimley every time and say DIABEETUS.)

When I look back over the past few years, my decline is crystal clear. But I didn’t realize what my symptoms (or that I even had symptoms) were pointing to until my Mom casually suggested that maybe I should have a full blood panel run just to rule it out. So of course I looked up the disease on WebMD and suspected that’s exactly what was going on when I read the symptoms. Crap. That kicked a few things into gear, mainly doctor appointments and plenty of blood work. My numbers in the key areas were stupidly high. Awesome.

That was the first few weeks in May, and since then lots has happened. I’ve got my diet more or less under control thanks to a nutritionist and educating myself. Because I was mainly vegetarian already and didn’t eat tons of starches I was off to a good start. (It’s a misconception that diabetes is all about sugar control, it’s just as much if not more about your carbohydrate intake.) I bought the most incredible used treadmill from a friend (Built-in fans!) and use it for at least 30 minutes nearly every day. And I’m on medication. Luckily I’m not insulin dependent, but I do have a pill regimen that’s being built upon.

I started noticing the differences in myself nearly immediately. Gone was the need for daily afternoon naps, gone was the crash after most meals, gone was the near constant thirst, gone was the rapidly shedding weight I’d been experiencing… and gone were the sweets from my kitchen. I’m going to be completely honest, that last one was the toughest. (Though I’ll admit the weight loss was the only good thing going on.) This is the start of a complete lifestyle overhaul that will last a lifetime. Once my numbers get down to where they need to be I’ll be able to indulge here and there, but I’m stuck with the Big D forever.

There are definitely a lot of misconceptions about Type 2 Diabetes. One being that you get it only from being obese or a sugar hound. Though both of those things can lend a hand, in my case it was hereditary. But the thing is there’s no one way to get it, the medical community isn’t 100% sure what causes its onset. What they do know is that my pancreas has stopped producing the requisite amount of insulin necessary for my body to process glucose and get it out of my body. So without medication it just travels around in my blood and makes its way out eventually through urine, without ever being used as energy.

While it does suck, I’ve taken this thing on with a positive attitude. (I’m getting healthy! I’m getting skinny!) I mean, it’s not like I can give it back so I might as well do all that I can to treat it. So for now I’ll be living vicariously through my Food & Cocktails board on Pinterest and have a (no longer secret) board called Diabetes Food. Because that’s just the kind of girl that I am.


Happy Weekend

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Simple Summer Picnic Bites



Yesterday I shared two of my favorite summery activities with Kohl’s #DestinationSummer, and today I’m going to talk a little bit about the simple food we pulled together for our sunset picnic. I mentioned yesterday that I think simple is key – there wasn’t even any cooking involved in this spread. Summer is the best time to take advantage of the fruits and vegetables that are everywhere and so cheap and delicious and can be eaten by the handful.





I started by slicing up some pretty radishes and lightly sprinkling them with sea salt. Then I added some water crackers and butter to a platter for layering and devouring along with a ripe and ready tomato.





This is one of my favorite new afternoon snacks, sliced pink lady apples drizzled with honey. So deceptively plain Jane, but this platter emptied faster than anything else and for a good reason. They’re addictive!




Infusing water is nothing new, but I love experimenting with different flavor combinations that get me to drink more H2O. Another recent favorite is this combo of sparkling citrus water, strawberries, and lemon. I like to add so much fruit that you get a little snack at the bottom of your cup. Add some gin or vodka with a little simple syrup to the mix and kick things up a notch even.




Finish off the menu with a bowl of Rainier cherries and slivered almonds and you’re set. That’s the best part about a picnic, it doesn’t have to be a fancy choreographed affair, just set out the things you like and let the company carry the rest.

Thanks for joining us in Oklahoma City – the next stop on #DestinationSummer is Boise, Idaho with Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove! (If you don’t know her and her style already, you’re gonna love her. Promise.)




Plaid Tablecloth // Linen Pillow // Plush Pillow // Fish Platter // Lemon Platter // Salad Plate // Double Old Fashioned Glass // Beverage Jug

Photography: Caroline Cohenour

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