GAGC Magazine


Andrea Cheng and Meg Wachter are the brilliant ladies behind the blog Got A Girl Crush where they catalogue inspirational women – everyone from Stevie Nicks to Maira Kalman is fair game. And now they’ve launched a bi-annual GAGC magazine spin-off! The first issue was just released and it’s full of ten talented ladies doing cool things in the worlds of art, music, and design. You can pick up a copy here or check it out online for free.


Hitting the Concrete Catwalk


If you follow me on Twitter chances are you’ve seen me mention/freak out about attending New York Fashion Week next month. Now I love fashion as much as the next girl, but it takes a little something extra to be Bryant Park-ready. After one of my (only semi) kidding tweets about having someone style me, my friend Jessie of The Concrete Catwalk stepped up to the plate with her style & pepper services.

Jessie asked me a few questions, sussed out some preferences, checked if there were any pieces in my wardrobe I wanted to work around, and off she went to style me! Yesterday I received an amazing personalized Polyvore spread full of chic separates that will be really easy to mix and match. This outfit has to be my favorite – those pants! I love how Jessie told me what she sees me wearing each outfit to, it helped me picture the pieces in real life.


If you’d like Jessie to help you with some fashion woes or just want to spice up your wardrobe for fall you should check out her styling services!


Alt Summit Hangover/Recap

Alt Summit completely blew my mind, my sleep schedule, and my waistband for the second consecutive year. There were picturesque views from the Grand America Hotel.

Goodie pails for one and all, filled to the brim with treats from the Spoon Sisters, Just Shorn, and Method (among others).

Lots of interesting panels with lovely ladies. (Ahem.)

Not to mention design camp sessions with focuses such as calligraphy, photography, and screenprinting.

Three course keynote lunches with pretty letterpressed menus by Smock.

HP Lounge

Honda Lounge

Lovely lounges were full of conference goers, beverages, and treats between sessions.

Then there were the unexpected freebies, like these from Just Shorn and Etsy.

Lamb’s Grill Cafe

Kate Spade

And the hosted dinners and parties.

I can’t forget to mention DJ Spooky, who spoke (incredibly eloquently) at Friday’s keynote lunch and had to turn down scads of marriage proposals from my table alone.

Everyone became quite adept at striking a pose for the camera.

The highlight of Alt, for me, was listening to Swiss-Miss’s closing keynote. More specifically when I introduced myself to her afterward and she knew of both me and my blog. My only honest to goodness starstruck moment.

And I would be remiss not to mention the libations. Because there were lots at the ready.

I mean I look like I had fun, right? Cause I’m totally counting down the days until the next Alt Summit already. You should be, too, so you can be there.

Because I suck at remembering to take photos “in the moment” these are all from the Alt Summit flickr stream. With the exception of the first, which is from the HP flickr stream and the last, which is from the Kate Spade photobooth.


Happy Weekend.


+ Talking Pictures: found photos with writing on them

+ Obsessing over the illustrated works of Erica il Cane.

+ Probably going to need some of Martha S.’s holiday paper tape since I’ve decided to go with kraft paper for wrapping gifts this Christmas.

+ Have you seen the new IKEA book?

+ Or the stop motion video behind the making of their cookbook, Homemade Is Best?

+ How about this typographic experiment video?

+ Loving these clean + minimal wallpapers for your iPhone.

+ Wishing I’d thought of this book idea first. I like biting.

+ If you’re feeling lazy this Thanksgiving, I have just the dish for you!

+ Does that not look like the most comfortable skirt ever??

+ Looking forward to making these Rainbow Fudge Pops next summer.

+ Mmmmm… mulled wine.


Happy Weekend!

PS: All swapmates have been paired up for the Calendar Swap! If you’ve not received yours check your trash and spam for an email from If you don’t have any luck email me at!


The Island of Dr Gâteau.

There’s not much I appreciate as much in this world as a clever, witty idea and the person behind it. Which is why you should drop what you’re doing immediately (Immediately, I said!) and click over to The Island of Dr Gâteau, the most flipping genius food blog I’ve seen maybe, oh, EVER.

Jess, the brains behind the blog, combines her love of food and science in the coolest way – by conducting experiments in recipe creation. Sometimes her ideas are based on principles of molecular gastronomy or the science of taste (she’s doing a PhD in cognitive neuroscience, you know, in her spare time) and sometimes just because. From here she shares information about the biology and psychology of the eating experience and how the brain can be tricked gastronomically. If you’re a geeky girl at heart like me, then you’ll definitely appreciate Jess’s refreshing take on all things food.

PS: She’s damn handy with a camera, too!

PPS: Did you catch the play on words in the name of the blog?


Happy Weekend.

This week has been swamped with fusterclucks, both at work and at home. So you’ll have to excuse me while I only post a weekly roundup of good stuff today instead of my usuals. Have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday!

+ Can you believe Mother’s Day is less than a month away?! Here’s a gift guide and a freebie to get you started down the right path.

+ Feeling inspired by these circus-y photos be Wendy Bevan

+ Cute desktop wallpaper to get you all set for iced coffee weather!

+ And a few other desktop wallpaper beauties from Ruche

+ Looking forward to making a few of these paper bag lanterns for my first summer get together

+ Check out Design for Mankind’s new design and latest feature – The House that DFM Built

+ The tiniest modern miniatures

Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend.

Only one post today because I’m feeling under the weather with a sore throat and achy ears. I’m hoping to crawl into bed for some R&R sooner than later, but here are a few tidbits to help get you through the weekend! Psst… don’t forget, you have until Monday at 9am CST to enter the evie s. giveaway!

+ Mrs. Lilien has started a Mrs. horoscope series, pop over to check out Mrs. Aquarius

+ We need to bring pothole gardens to the US!

+ A pretty printable Save the Date postcard for you to enjoy

+ The sweetest gifts barely cost a thing

+ Better late than never, my Valentine’s Day gift list for the Shiny Squirrel!

+ Ate all of your Girl Scout Cookies already? Why not whip up a few batch of these Samoa Bars and Tagalongs!

Happy Weekend!


Mrs. Lilien.

One of the things I came away from Alt with – besides a rad goodie bag, fantastic friends and enough knowledge to run a third world country – was a list of new blogs to start pouring over. The one that quickly jumped to the head of the class was Mrs. Lilien. {Thanks to Karey M., of course.)

Kelly Lilen, the mastermind behind it all, constructs beautiful posts based on different types of women, or Mrs. as she refers to them. Each post elegantly creates an image of a lady who prefers a certain type of thing in a perfect stanza of rhyme. Paired with a great layout each and every time, Mrs. Lilien is the sort of thing that I wish I had thought of first because it’s just that good.

{Mrs. Kitchen}
{Mrs. McNicey}
{Mrs. Sailor’s Delight}