3 to See.

Jessica is amazing and talented
and full of wonderful art and fashion inspiration

Follow Jordan and her party planning career
for beautiful finds and kickass parties

Lisa’s a graphic design who loves to cook
hmm… sounds oddly familiar…

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3 to See.

Because Liz is one uber-talented lady
and it shines through in both her blog and shop

Molly writes a food blog, wrote a book and is opening a restaurant
and is originally from Oklahoma City, making her even cooler

Mainly a inspirational wedding blog
but really oh so much more

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3 to See.

Because she showcases the most stunning wedding photography
and the coolest invitations that are sure to inspire

Because if he can cook delicious meals in a tiny kitchen
surely I can make something equally edible in mine

Because she has an adorably laid out blog
and is an amazingly talented artist

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3 to See.

Because I love her style of mixing vintage and modern
and she has one of the sweetest pups named Ned

Because it you’re looking to do anything yourself
chances are she’s found it for you already

Because she’s super fun
and oh, yeah, an amazing chef

3 to See.

Because she always has amazing posts
and she’s also behind Smitten

Because she captures all that’s good in life
and we seem a lot alike

Because the name says it all

3 to See.

Because she’s one adventurous lady
and I’m envious of her Saint Bernard, Burkly Deluxe

Because he always, always makes me smile
and he has impeccable taste as well as the honest truth

Because she has a great eye for all things beautiful
and inspiration oozes out of each and every post

3 to See.

because of the great photos
and the great frocks
and the great blogger

because of the clean design
and the mouthwatering photos
and wanting to eat everything made
because it’s new to me
and she has my dream job
and shares project after project

3 to See.

because she’s the mind behind Parasol mag
and shares her pretty downloads

because she’s the Blog Out Loud co-creator
finder of beautiful homes

amazing food and pretty pictures
make this blog highly addictive

3 to See.

because I bookmark almost all of the recipes
and I love the clean look of the blog
and that you can create your own cookbook

because she’s an amazing artist
and shows the best tutorials
and is still at university

because she sometimes feels the need to write haikus
or wear fake moles
and super duper funny