Happy Weekend.

This weekend’s going to be a good one, I can just feel it.
Happy Weekend everyone!

** Once again, I apologize for not knowing whom to credit this photo to – I’ve been hanging onto it forever. If anyone does know please share because I want to give credit where it’s due!!


Happy Weekend.

I love this photo more than words – not only is that cat the spitting image of my Peanut, but I can totally see him pulling a move like this. The boy can open doorknobs for heaven’s sake, surely he could catch some milk in mid-air!

Happy weekend everyone!


Happy Weekend.

Here’s wishing everyone a relaxing few days. i swear my weekends are going by faster and faster!

PS: This is one of those images that’s been floating around on my Mac for awhile and has lost its credit. If anyone happens to know who it belongs to don’t hesitate to tell me!