Eleanor Bolton

Eleanor Bolton-1-Design Crush



I’m smack dab in the midst of an insanely busy creative period, and Eleanor Bolton‘s jewelry is speaking to me on that base level. All of her statement pieces are made in London with 100% cotton braid and 100% cotton yarn, the colored pieces are carefully hand-dyed. The chunky weight and texture of this collection is beyond perfect for layering this coming season, be sure and check out the neons!



Eleanor Bolton-2-Design Crush

Eleanor Bolton-3-Design Crush




Son of a Sailor

Son of a Sailor-1-Design Crush



A lot of great things have happened since we last checked in with Son of a Sailor back in 2013. I had a chance to meet William Knopp and Jessica Tata, the husband and wife team behind it all, earlier this month and they clued me in to the evolution of their shop. Lots of new jewelry and accessories rich with organic materials and inspired by geometry are making their faces known, along with fun pieces like wooden yo-yos, leather playing card cases, and beautiful cutting boards. It’s safe to say that my crush is only growing!



Son of a Sailor-2-Design Crush


Son of a Sailor-3-Design Crush

Son of a Sailor-4-Design Crush

Son of a Sailor-5-Design Crush

Son of a Sailor-6-Design Crush


32 Pieces of Flair

Do you think it’s a coincidence that enamel pins (AKA flair) are coming back around at the same time as jean jackets? I hope not, because I just picked myself up a new jacket last month and plan on grabbing several of these fun, quippy pieces to help deck it out in my own brand of style!


ROW 1: California Dreamin’ Pin // French Press Pin
ROW 2: Avocado Pin // Feminist Enamel Lapel Pin // Ouija Board Enamel Pin
ROW 3: Ticket Pin // Tiny Tooth Pin // CMYK Enamel Pin Badge
ROW 4: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pin // Best Babes Enamel Pin Set // In Cats We Trust Enamel Lapel Pin



ROW 5: Lucky Blue Eye Enamel Pin // Donut Enamel Pin // Manicured Hand Enamel Pin
ROW 6:  Watermelon Wedge Enamel Pin // Lips Pin // Larry Pin
ROW 7: Fingers Crossed Pin // Grapefruit Pin // BFF Lapel Pin
ROW 8: Net Neutrality Enamel Pin // People to Kill Lapel Pin // Introvert Enamel Pin



ROW 9: Don’t Be a Dick Badge // Stay Hungry Cheeseburger Enamel Pin // I’ll Break Your Heart Brooch
ROW 10: Nap Queen Circle Brooch // Future Famous Brooch // No Likes Pin
ROW 11: No Time For Anything Lapel Pin // Thank You Lapel Pin // Sure, I Like Fun Pin


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

This week on Design Crush:
Check out these ten fresh art prints for your dose of Print Edition: August.
I took a trip to Kennywood for the first time since 1999!
Tessa Horrocks‘ pebble-centric art has me looking for the nearest stream.
Canopy beds done right.
I’m ready for fall, thanks to Lieke van der Vorst.
I’m getting so much use out of my DIY modern shower memo board!
If Drew Tyndell styled up the outside of my home like his art I wouldn’t mind.
These slivered marble hooks are so pretty and handy.
Loving the summery paintings of Seth Smith.



Metalepsis Projects-1-Design Crush


Metalepsis is a bi-coastal design collaboration between Victoria Cho and Astrid Chastka. Cho and Chastka create conceptual jewelry by re-imagining the influences of art, architecture, and science as wearables with clean lines, elegance, boldness, and confidence. All of these elements come together in a mad storm of modern beauty.


Metalepsis Projects-2-Design Crush


Metalepsis Projects-3-Design Crush

Metalepsis Projects-4-Design Crush

Metalepsis Projects-5-Design Crush

(via Apartment 34)



The Good Machinery

The Good Machinery-1-Design Crush


I’ve been obsessing over every single piece of jewelry from The Good Machinery for the past week. Each piece in the asphalt collection is unique in color and pattern, which is the result of the free form mixing of resins, pigments, and additives. Everything is lightweight and basically unbreakable and my goodness, those colors. (Also, SALE ALERT! A bunch of pieces are on big time sale right.)


The Good Machinery-2-Design Crush

The Good Machinery-3-Design Crush

The Good Machinery-4-Design Crush

The Good Machinery-5-Design Crush

The Good Machinery-6-Design Crush


Tiff Manuell

Tiff Mannuell-1-Design Crush


We’ve all heard the reference that fashion is art, but what about when it actually is? Meet Tiff Manuell, a designer and artist from Adelaide, Australia. She creates a range of hand-painted accessories, each one completely unique thanks to her process. Tiff works by first painting canvases with bright colors and patterns, then cutting that canvas up and placing it inside a PVC outer shell before sewing and adding trim. Bags of all sizes and purpose, statement neckpieces, collars, and cuffs are all created in the same manner.


Tiff Mannuell-2-Design Crush


Because I tend to dress in mostly neutrals, Tiff’s pieces have been an amazing dose of pattern and color for summer. Inside each bag she takes the time to stitch in a one-of-a-kind logo, just one last special touch that makes every piece feel just for you.


Tiff Mannuell-3-Design Crush

Tiff Mannuell-4-Design Crush


Tiff also creates these dramatic statement necklaces from cut strips of painted canvas that are real showstoppers, color and pattern galore. I’ve been hanging mine on the wall as art when I’m not busy wearing it, and I always get so many compliments when paired with a plain tee or tank.

Long story short – I’ve got a crush, and it’s a big one.


Tiff Mannuell-5-Design Crush

Tiff Mannuell-6-Design Crush


Summer Wish List


1. Metal 4-Inch Steel U Hairpin  2. Cactus Print Half Sleeve Blouse
3. V Column Dress (Ink Lines)  4. Hillary Clinton for President 2016 Tee

Summer has unofficially been here for a few weeks now, but I’ve been coveting these wardrobe additions for even longer. A few tees, some shades, and I’m basically set. This is the lowest maintenance season and I plan to not only show it, but embrace it 110%. What’s on your summer wish list??



5. Rose Quartz Triangle Gold Necklace  6. A Detacher Ruthie Romper (Hills & Dales)
7. Yami Backpack  8. One Piece Wide Strap Tank



9. Vacay Times Tee  10. Super Duper Thistle Sunglasses
11. Lapis Stud Earrings  12. Alabaster Yama Imo Hat