Annie Costello Brown

Annie Costello Brown-1-Design Crush


While I tend to favor studs, a solid statement-making pair of earrings are a jewelry box necessity. Especially once warmer weather begins to rear its head and layers of clothing start to drop off. Annie Costello Brown‘s brass and silver jewelry is hand-cut and hammered in her Los Angeles studio, and the results are pure art.


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Cheeky Sweatshirts


Tata from Need Supply Co.

Spring may be making its long-awaited arrival this week, at least here in Pennsylvania, temperatures are in the 60s and 70s and there’s lots of rain on the horizon. I’m ready to vanquish my winter coat to the closet and rely on something a little lighter – like maybe one of these cheeky sweatshirts?



Forever Girl Gang Sweatshirt from // Kanye Attitude with Drake Feelings from Melon Kiss // Let’s Stay in Bed from Mick J



Masculin Féminin Sweatshirt from Clare V. // Nap Queen from Banny Bay //
Obviously Sweatshirt from Brashy Couture



Pretty Womens Sweatshirt from Pink Queen // Wild Sweatshirt from Troye Sivan //
Winking Hearts Sweatshirt from bouffants broken hearts


Ceri Hoover

Ceri Hoover-1-Design Crush


Simple but never boring, that’s a perfect description of Ceri Hoover. The Nashville-based company uses materials sourced from the world’s finest leather purveyors and employs American artisans to handcraft their bags and shoes. The line is full of lovely detailing and timeless designs, any piece would be a fantastic addition to a modern wardrobe.


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Wayward-1-Design Crush


Creating moments of unexpected beauty in everyday living is Wayward‘s mission. The New York-based multidisciplinary design studio creates home products and personal accessories by expert craftsmen and women. Wayward then partners with workshops and small factories in the U.S. to bring those designs to life, honoring the makers behind them along the way. Linen and leather pillows, tote bags and pouches, and jewelry all shine within their current collection.


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Lee Coren

Lee Coren-1-Design Crush


Urban surroundings and the need for fresh air both inspire the bags and scarves that Lee Coren creates. The pieces feature handmade screen printed fabrics and original prints from scenery captured on a camera. Lee sources and produces locally and ethically, using cruelty-free, vegan friendly materials, and when sourcing leather replacements chooses high quality, italian-made, cotton-backed microfiber polyurethane. It always feels good when love something that’s doing good for the environment.


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0 Crush‘s minimalist bags and cushions are sleek and most definitely influenced by Japanese design. Nina Provan and Nick Rennie are the two behind the venture that partners leather and fabrics from Febrik and Kvadrat to create timeless, versatile wares for your home and wardrobe. Crush Crush Crush Crush



Barrow-1-Design Crush


After a weekend of 60-degree temperatures I have all things spring running through my head! Many of my wardrobe staples make the transition from season to season by depending on layering and accessories to mix them up. Portland shop Barrow features beautiful glazes and hand-dyed cotton cord, just the sort of things I’m looking for to make everything feel a little lighter and brighter.


Barrow-2-Design Crush

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Barrow-4-Design Crush

Barrow-5-Design Crush

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Shwood-1-Design Crush


As it turns out, I have a bit of a problem with sunglasses. For some people it’s coats or shoes or jewelry, but I’ll just take all of your sunglasses thankyouverymuch! Eyewear company Shwood has designed a pair utilizing oxidation, brass inlays are subjected to the chemical reaction in-house to create one-of-a-kind versions of their best selling frame – the Camby.


Shwood-2-Design Crush

Shwood-3-Design Crush

Shwood-4-Design Crush