EPICfail (+ a Giveaway)



I’ve been a fan of Christine Fail’s jewelry since she launched her first line, and only fell more in love with her classic organic pieces after meeting her in New York a few months ago. Christine’s latest line – EPICfail – is a foray into higher end jewelry that launched in September. The collection of 14k gold and sterling silver jewelry is accented with rose-cut diamonds and is intentionally ring-focused, with many of the pieces designed as contemporary ceremony rings. The collection includes six rings in a variety of widths and thicknesses, three pendant necklaces, two pairs of earrings, and a cuff. The line still fits Fail’s minimal aesthetic, but elegant texture is the focal point.




With EPICfail, I’m returning to my roots in fine jewelry. I have been excited by the challenge of incorporating some of the more advanced techniques I am mastering, such as wax carving and stone setting, into the collection,” Fail says. “I’ve always been my own muse — creating pieces I would want to wear, knowing there was a customer with my sensibilities — and the same applies to EPICfail.”





We’re giving away one of my favorite pieces – the Slope Ring (above right) – or $495 towards anything else in the EPICfail collection! Christine is also offering readers 20% off with code EPICDESIGN through 11/25.

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George Barberis, photography
Estelle Manifesto, model
Samantha Hough, hair/makeup


Juniper & Scout

Juniper & Scout-1-Design Crush


Looking for a shop with a little bit of everything? Juniper & Scout has got you covered. They continually track down the best in modern, handcrafted design so you can always find the perfect gift or treat yo self reward. Everything is made right here in the USA by makers who embrace original design, small batch production, and environmental sensitivity (major bonus). Here are just a few of my favorites below. Use the code DESIGNCRUSH20 at checkout for 20% off your total purchase! ​(Expires 12/15/15)


Juniper & Scout-2-Design Crush

I reserve the quiet ritual of French press coffee for chilly winter weekends, and vessels don’t get much prettier than this high gloss ceramic beauty with a copper pull.


Juniper & Scout-3-Design Crush

This bar of Black Gold Equilateral Soap has an activated charcoal bottom to deep-clean pores and is scented with lavender and tea tree essential oils, plus it has that easy-to-grip shape. Pamper yourself or leave it out for guests.


Juniper & Scout-4-Design Crush

My purse is basically a blackhole, so this Tropical Linen Pouch would be perfect for helping me get organized. It would also make a great gift, you could fill it with other little goodies or toss in a gift card.


Juniper & Scout-5-Design Crush

Moscow mules are my cold weather cocktail of choice, and while they’re traditionally served in copper mugs I  love these copper cups as a chic alternative. I’d also happily use one on the bathroom sink or to plant a few small succulents.


Juniper & Scout-6-Design Crush

How sweet would this It’s Good to Be Home embroidery look hung over the front door or near the coatrack? I love the modern take on such a traditional craft.


Juniper & Scout-7-Design Crush

I get so dry when temperatures drop, and this Rosewood + Blood Orange Lotion Ball looks like a fun way to stay moisturized. It would also make one heck of a stocking stuffer.


Juniper & Scout-8-Design Crush

If you are or have a creative insomniac in your life you may want to pick up one of these Creative Ramblings Journals. I’d put mine on the bedside table so I could make note of all of the strange Google searches I think of at 3:48am!

This post sponsored by Juniper & Scout. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Design Crush churning out fresh content!


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

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Britta Boeckmann

Britta Boeckmann-1-Design Crush


Britta Boeckmann‘s wood and resin is jewelry, sold under the name BoldB, is inspired by Australia’s flora and fauna. Her process varies from piece to piece, but involves the delicate process of making molds, casting resin and wood, gently sanding the pieces into their unique shapes, and then finally varnishing or oiling the jewelry.


Britta Boeckmann-2-Design Crush

Britta Boeckmann-3-Design Crush

Britta Boeckmann-4-Design Crush



Mirador-1-Design Crush


The unintentional theme of this week’s artists seems to be mighty talented youth, with today’s being Sydney-based Lauren Elise Cassar and her accessories line – Mirador. Right now she’s featuring a fantastic debut collection of eight handprinted cotton voile scarves that would look just as good slung around you as hung upon your wall.


Mirador-2-Design Crush

Mirador-3-Design Crush

Mirador-4-Design Crush

Mirador-5-Design Crush


Finding Your Scent

MCMC-1-Design Crush


Scent is an extension of personality, style, and person. It’s something that can be deeply intimate, linked to memories and different periods of life. For me it was CK1 in junior high, white musk in high school, Ralph in college, and several more since. It’s all been an experiment in making sure what I’m wearing reflects who I feel I am at any given time.

Lately I’ve been exploring with MCMC‘s fragrance’s. I’d been curious about the Brooklyn-based shop for some time, and after meeting co-owner and modern perfumer Anne McClain in August, I knew I needed to dig deeper. I tried the six scents above, but what I fell in love with instantly was a new collaborative scent – MOCIUN #2. The perfume oil has elements of wild black spruce, patchouli, and Brazilian rosewood and I feel like this one is going to be with me for quite awhile.


MCMC-2-Design Crush


Four things to keep in mind when choosing a scent:

Sniff away at anything and everything, but know that your olfactory bulb weakens after the first three. If you’re testing more than that try burying your nose in your elbow crease in between to “reset” your senses.

Start with lighter scents like musks, then cycle through heavier ones like citrus, floral, and woodsy.

Just because you like the way it smells in the bottle doesn’t mean it will smell the same once it hits your skin. It’s all about chemistry, so make sure you try it on yourself before making a purchase. It can even change over a few hours making a test-run essential.

Make sure you understand what you’re smelling, so that you can isolate your favorite notes and look for them in other scents as well.


Actually, It Is Easy Being Green


Bloomsbury pattern // Susanna Vento // The Transcontinental Affair

This season there’s one color I can’t help but see everywhere I look, and that’s green. Green of all hues and shades, super saturated and pleasingly pastel. From home interiors to fashion to everywhere in between, this color that’s usually making a departure come autumn is all of a sudden making a play to stick around!



Jack Chair // Soft-Washed Linen Duvet // Sly Fox Knocker



Shining Pinstripe Napkins // Summit Ankle Boot // Here’s Looking at Me, Kid



Handmade Leather Bag // Oh Happy Day // Jacket with Faux Fur Lining



FARIS-1-Design Crush


Faris Du Graf is at the helm of FARIS, a jewelry line. Each piece feels like it doubles as a sculpture, distinctive and imperfect in a way you want. Or at least in a way that I want in special jewelry pieces. Check out a few of my favorite piece from the latest collection.


FARIS-2-Design Crush

FARIS-3-Design Crush

FARIS-4-Design Crush

FARIS-5-Design Crush