Hay Mini Market

Hay Mini Market-1-Design Crush


You might be familiar with HAY, founded in 2002 to provide quality, contemporary furniture at a democratic price point. The company has been collaborating with international designers for years, but recently brought HAY Mini Market concept to the United States via MoMA Design Store. It’s basically a shop-within-a-shop collection that features over 230 objects you’re sure to find worthy.


Hay Mini Market-2-Design Crush

Hay Mini Market-3-Design Crush

Hay Mini Market-4-Design Crush

Hay Mini Market-5-Design Crush

Hay Mini Market-6-Design Crush

Hay Mini Market-7-Design Crush

Paper Porcelain Vase // Feather // Polygon // Paper Carpet // Cord Hanger Fade //
Everyday Objects // Cap


Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Kelsey Garrity-Riley-1-Design Crush


Kelsey Garrity-Riley‘s lovely illustrations somehow manage to feel both modern and vintage all at the same time. It wasn’t until I dug in a bit further that I realized her work also graces the covers of some of my favorites over at Red Cap Cards! Kelsey’s also a talent at hand-lettering, really her entire portfolio is a treat.


Kelsey Garrity-Riley-2-Design Crush

Kelsey Garrity-Riley-3-Design Crush

Kelsey Garrity-Riley-4-Design Crush

Kelsey Garrity-Riley-5-Design Crush

Kelsey Garrity-Riley-6-Design Crush

Kelsey Garrity-Riley-7-Design Crush



Ilot-1-Design Crush


Ilot is one of those projects that I got really excited about and then was immediately crushed, because it’s a concept and not available for purchase. Ilot, French for island, was created by Marine Hunot during a residency in Fay Billot, a village in the French countryside. Hunot used two unlikely materials – felt and wicker – to create one amazing rug.


Ilot-2-Design Crush

Ilot-3-Design Crush

Ilot-4-Design Crush

(via Design Milk)


Santiago Salvador Ascui

Santiago Salvador Ascui-1-Design Crush


Chilean-born Santiago Salvador Ascui creates massive, colorful, bold paintings of nondescript figures. Some of my favorites are those in which the figures are so numerous that they take on the appearance of being a pattern. (I also secretly love that there aren’t any with lone characters.)


Santiago Salvador Ascui-2-Design Crush

Santiago Salvador Ascui-3-Design Crush

Santiago Salvador Ascui-4-Design Crush

Santiago Salvador Ascui-5-Design Crush

Santiago Salvador Ascui-6-Design Crush


8 Awesome Apps




Ghostruck // the first app connecting you professional, insured movers by utilizing their empty or partially filled trucks.

Hopper // Track tickets to your set destination for any week of the year, then purchase directly within the app using your airline’s rewards program of choice without ever leaving.


Instasnoop // An app that allows you to check out anyone’s public profile and snoop by disabling likes, tagging, and commenting so you don’t need to be afraid of accidentally double-tapping.

Journal // Combine all the things that inspire you into one place where you can draw, sketch, collage, paint, or color on anything, giving you a sketchbook of boundless possibilities.

Old Sport // Tell us what you have in your home bar, and we’ll tell you what you can make.


Paper // A faster, better way to capture ideas using text, sketches, and photos.

Pause // Based on the ancient principles of Tai Chi and mindfulness practice, PAUSE brings the act of focused attention to your mobile device.

Timer+ // Set multiple timers at once , time by the second, minute, or hour. Runs in the background so you’re free to use other apps. Comes with 20 alarms.


Ashley Eliza Williams

Ashley Eliza Williams-1-Design Crush


Otherworldly is the first word that came to mind after seeing Ashley Eliza Williams‘ paintings for the first time. The Boulder, Colorado-based artist’s paintings reveal glimpses of a complex internal world influenced by dreams and phenomenological experiences in nature.


Ashley Eliza Williams-2-Design Crush

Ashley Eliza Williams-3-Design Crush

Ashley Eliza Williams-4-Design Crush

Ashley Eliza Williams-5-Design Crush

Ashley Eliza Williams-6-Design Crush


Mel Tow

Mel Tow-1-Design Crush


California-based illustrator Mel Tow explores a darker side of life through characters created in a limited palette of colors. Each one seems to be fighting his or her own battle, leaving us to wonder just what lies behind their troubled expressions.


Mel Tow-2-Design Crush

Mel Tow-3-Design Crush

Mel Tow-4-Design Crush

Mel Tow-5-Design Crush

Mel Tow-6-Design Crush

Mel Tow-7-Design Crush



ESPEROS-1-Design Crush


I’m forever on the lookout for products that are not only well made and look great, but that give something back. ESPEROS does just that. When you purchase one of their amazingly well-designed bags they give 10% to to fund education initiatives – in fact, every single ESPEROS bag sold helps fund one year of education for a child in the developing world.

But they go even further with total transparency concerning their factory and workers in Shenzhen, China, where the bags are manufactured after being designed in Austin, TX. Average age? 33. Average work week? 45 hours. ESPEROS provides these workers with three meals a day as well as free housing and full benefits.

Oh, and the bags are waterproof, stain resistant, machine washable, and made with durable, fine-aging canvas. Now that’s a purchase you can feel solid about making.


ESPEROS-2-Design Crush

ESPEROS-3-Design Crush

ESPEROS-4-Design Crush

ESPEROS-5-Design Crush