Layla Holzer

Layla Holzer-1-Design Crush


Layla Holzer‘s illustrations make me suck in my breath a bit. The Cardiff-based illustrator specializes in themes of fairy tale, gender conflict, the uncanny, the monstrous-feminine, and morality.

Ultimately, I seek to inspire and encourage people to question the mistakes of our world and adopt wiser moral judgment, through use of cautionary tales and uncanny punishment.


Layla Holzer-2-Design Crush

Layla Holzer-3-Design Crush

Layla Holzer-4-Design Crush

Layla Holzer-5-Design Crush

Layla Holzer-6-Design Crush



Always Mod-1-Design Crush


AlwaysMod isn’t a new shop, but it is new to me. They’re a purveyor of modern design for the home, names and brands you’ve heard of but likely not seen housed under the same roof. Form, function, and longevity are reflected in AllMod’s curated collection of objects that withstand the test of time while remaining relevant.


Always Mod-2-Design Crush

Always Mod-3-Design Crush

Always Mod-4-Design Crush

Always Mod-5-Design Crush

Always Mod-6-Design Crush

Stelton Emma Dinnerware // Alessi Joy Round Bowl // Vitra Rotary Tray //
Mint Middle Kingdom Vase // Iittala Essence Glassware // Iittala Toikka Lakla 2015 Annual Bird


Monica Rohan

Monica Rohan-1-Design Crush


Australian artist Monica Rohan is the star of her own portrait series, perpetually rifling through and searching for the unknown. With her painted face forever hidden, Rohan depends on the figures’ body language to express emotion.


Monica Rohan-2-Design Crush

Monica Rohan-3-Design Crush

Monica Rohan-4-Design Crush

Monica Rohan-5-Design Crush

Monica Rohan-6-Design Crush

Monica Rohan-7-Design Crush


Alessio Sabbadini

Alessio Sabbadini-1-Design Crush


Alessio Sabbadini‘s flat graphic style is just my cup of tea. The Milan-based communication designer is fantastic, each project perfectly muted and better than the last. (And of course, totally informative.)


Alessio Sabbadini-2-Design Crush

Alessio Sabbadini-3-Design Crush

Alessio Sabbadini-4-Design Crush

Alessio Sabbadini-5-Design Crush

Alessio Sabbadini-6-Design Crush

Alessio Sabbadini-7-Design Crush


Bridge & Burn

Bridge & Burn-1-Design Crush


I’ve been a fan of Bridge & Burn from the start. Their classic, functional clothing designs are right in line with what I prefer to wear most days. Since 2009 they’ve been creating classic, understated apparel inspired by the natural beauty and culture of Portland. Each piece is designed right above their flagship store by a small team, meant to stand the test of time and be worn again and again – occasionally from the outdoors to dinner and back again! I picked up the Howell parka (below) and a few other pieces last month and am in love with the quality and fit of every one. This is a line that’s sure to be a staple in my closet for a long time to come.


Bridge & Burn-2-Design Crush

Bridge & Burn-3-Design Crush

Bridge & Burn-4-Design Crush

Bridge & Burn-5-Design Crush

Bridge & Burn-6-Design Crush

Oxbow Wool Wrap Scarf // Howell // Huron Chambray //
Burn Blackwash Tee // Penrose Black Overalls // B Flat Six Panel Hat



Uulipolli-1-Design Crush


If we’re lucky in life we discover our truest gift. And if you’re Uuli Moran that gift is finding the most amazing vintage mirrors and selling them in her Etsy shop, Uulipolli. I’ve been looking for the perfect one to hang over my dresser for at least a year and can’t wait to dive into Uuli’s beautiful collection.


Uulipolli-2-Design Crush

Uulipolli-3-Design Crush

Uulipolli-4-Design Crush

Uulipolli-5-Design Crush

Uulipolli-6-Design Crush


Alexandra Valenti

Alexandra Valenti-1-Design Crush


Alexandra Valenti accomplishes some amazing things with color in her work, both in manipulated photography and my favorite: watercolors. While some look intentional, other takes on a nearly microbial appearance.


Alexandra Valenti-2-Design Crush

Alexandra Valenti-3-Design Crush

Alexandra Valenti-4-Design Crush

Alexandra Valenti-5-Design Crush