Rosanna Inc.

I’ve said before how I’m not the type of person to have only one set of dishes. I love design too much and it’s too large a part of me to do so.

I recently discovered Rosanna Inc. where it’s all dinnerware all the time. There are so many amazing patterns and designs to check out that I’m positive I could find at least five sets I’d like to have for myself. Here are some of my favorites. I’m especially into the number and Days of Christmas.


Ruler Ring.

I love jewelry – silver please, thankyouverymuch – especially rings and necklaces. I have a few unique pieces that tend to be my favorites, like my Thoreau quote necklace and the ring my friend, Aaron, made for me as a Christmas present a few years ago. I can completely see this Ruler Ring by Fancy falling into just that category. For $60.


You Are Here.

Love, love, love this poster from Johnson Banks. It’s so clever and entirely too truthful.

“This project dates back to the mid-nineties, and was originally meant to be a tongue-in-cheek, semi-autobiographical but mainly fictional guide to graphic design for students. It soon spiralled out of control and became a bittersweet journey through the many different lives of a graphic designer.”

This is the third printing of the poster and each time a few new blurbs pop up on it. You can get one at the Johnson Banks shop for £20 plus shipping.


SQFT Gallery.

SQFT has some incredible rotating art and prints are generally one sale through the site.

The Gallery is owned and operated by Aaron Durnin and Kathleen Losche, who aim to use it as a conduit for emerging artist and designers in the Nashville area. Their focus is on two- and three-dimensional contemporary art. SQFT also features an ongoing exhibit of Aaron’s furniture and metalworks. Twelve shows are held per year with the openings on the first Saturday of each month.

Luxery Apartments by Julie Rothman

Shore by Julie Rothman

Chandelier by Julie Rothman


Smoke Art.

The MAKE blog has recently posted some incredibly cool smoke art. This piece is a smoke “sculpture” from artist Mehmet Ozgu. Too bad I don’t know any smokers any longer. Ahem. Then I could create some of my own.


Urchin Orb Pendant.

I love this Urchin Orb Pendant from Union Street Glass. The combination of “sparkle and spikes” is mesmerizing. The pendant is available in eleven colors, but I prefer the clear. There are also three different size (large is shown above – 14 x 14″) for sale – $1210 for the large, $715 for the standard and $284 for the mini.

The owners, Guy and Leanne Corrie, use old world glassblowing techniques to create innovative design concepts in a unique art form. Even though the shop has been around since 1980, they still only employ ten people and produce about thirty pieces a day. Contemporary art that’s both beautiful and functional – love it.


Fold Flat Barbeque.

I want one. Pronto so I can have it around for the weekend Labor Day festivities.

The Fold Flat BBQ is brilliantly designed, packs super thin and opens up to provide a 45 x 30cm cooking area. Solidly made from pressed steel, the sides provide a built-in wind break. Since it’s so portable you can head out any time you like to BBQ your little heart out. What an amazing contraption that’s so well thought out. And only around $40.