Kako Ueda.

Anyone who can turn a skull into something so beautiful has my vote. It doesn’t even matter what Kako Ueda is running for.


Little Fury.

Esther Mun and Tina Chang are Little Fury. I love the name of this shop and all that it implies about both the design and these two women. I literally tracked them down after seeing the new Rembrandt packaging on shelves. That packaging almost turned me into a Rembrandt-user and that’s the kind of design that makes me sweat. After checking out their site I realized the Rembrandt Moment was, in fact, not a one-time deal. All of their work is brilliant. My other favorites are their work for Morimoto and Sterling.


Twig Jewelry Stands.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m an admitted jewelry whore. That combined with my need for organization leaves me looking for a way to store my collection. I don’t really like keeping it all in a jewelry box where I can’t see everything – especially my necklaces because then I end up wearing the same three all the time.

Jewelry stands used to be really popular, but now it seems the only places to find them are flea markets and Claire’s. Besides that, they’re usually gold or pink and fuzzy – neither of which is my style. That’s what made coming across these twig jewelry stands that much more exciting. I love the different tiered levels, giving you a place for clasp bracelets as well as necklaces.


Sugarcube Design.

I’m thrilled to finally be able to post these graphic number tags and industrial envelopes by Sugarcube Design. I lost the link the first time I bookmarked this Etsy shop only to come across it not once, but twice today! I’ve been really into numbered graphics lately and think these tags and envelopes are awesome.


Liquid Sky Arts.

I came across Liquid Sky Arts by way of Kathleen Rossi-Howell’s blog – Senseless Acts of Beauty. And just the other day in my post about PaPaYa I unknowingly posted a Christmas card that she had designed for them. Kathleen has just released her own Christmas card collection and is a very talented jeweler as well, her pendants are amazing. Visit her site to see even more of her talent.


Chocolat Moderne.

Buying chocolates from Chocolat Moderne might be the secret to dieting. I’m almost positive that if I had these little beauties around versus Hershey’s I’d be more likely to pass on eating them and vie for looking at them instead. Let’s not forget the packaging either. The colors and simplicity of design are perfect for something so decadent.



I drink inordinate amounts of coffee on a daily basis. I haven’t made the Big Switch to espresso yet (and I stress the word yet), but when I do the You&Me espresso machine would be perfect. It’s the smallest in the world, as well as quiet and beautiful. The perfect combination, wouldn’t you agree?



MSLK is a Long Island-based design shop that strives to move beyond pretty-picture layouts and achieve accomplishments through strategy. In other words, their design has a goal of functionality as well as visual appeal.

I love these bookmarks, which are a great example of all that MSLK seems to stand for in the Design World.


The Art of the Business Card.

Business cards intrigue me for a number of reasons. I love that each and every one (no matter how well designed – or not) is a little keepsake. Something that gives someone or something an identity. I love that of all the graphic pieces out there – and there are so many – business cards have become something that society chooses to express and communicate themselves through. And there is so much more. I’ve kept a collection of cards that stand out to me visually or functionally for as long as I can remember.

Now behold this Flickr gallery, where someone has managed to photograph and post their entire business card collection for the world to see.