I never fancied myself a table mirror sort of girl. (Actually I’ve never “fancied” myself anything before this post.) But then I met the FIGGJO mirror at IKEA and thought it just might be so. Measuring in at 9 7/8 X 18 1/8″ this would fit perfectly atop my bedroom dresser.

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I am rarely still on the weekend, so it was a surprise that I was able to sit through not one, but four movies between Saturday and Sunday. My eyes feasted upon the likes of Atonement, I Am Legend and Superbad.

As well as my favorite, Waitress. I’m probably going to need to own this one at some point. I loved it. It’s even better if you watch it while eating homemade blueberry pancakes. Or so I hear…


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Lauren Wolf Jewelry.

Lauren Wolf’s goal in designing her jewelry is to bring together nature in form and industry; to create jewelry of contrast that both complements and commands attention. Her jewelry is bold, yet blends edge and elegance. Wolf’s studies in Mexico really shine through in her lovely jewelry creations.


The Daily Eat: French Onion Soup.

Remember yesterday (and the day before) how I was gushing about spring finally being here to stay? Yeah, well it lied to me. Today is overcast with a high in the 50s. The kicker is that this weather is supposed to stick around all weekend before raining Sunday. So for this, French Onion Soup is in order. Nothing like some comfort food to beat the blues!

:: recipe and image via Cookography


this water.

this water is simple: a blend of pure fruit juices, crushed fruit and pure spring water. I love the fun, whimsical feeling of the label for something so honestly simple. Has anyone seen this beverage in stores outside of the UK?

:: via The Dieline