Ferry Staverman.

Ferry Staverman creates incredible art from cardboard, paper and string. That’s it. No bells and whistles, just talent. Her pieces look like they walked out of a grocery store or toy shop and I love that. These pieces are only a small portion of her work, so make sure and check out her site for more goodies.

:: via Design Milk


Mad Props: June.

My oh my, June absolutely flew by! I always feel a mix of both good and bad when a month like that occurs – happy because I’m onto other things and a little sad because I don’t really want time to pass me by that way. But enough with waxing about life’s true meaning, enjoy June’s Mad Props! (I know I did!)Mansion, Apartment, House or Shack? : A Cup of Jo

put it all in one place : A Little Hut

Abandoned Theme Park : Black*Eiffel

Ellen Raskin : Black*Eiffel

MY Kind of Camping : black . white . bliss

Art project : Bloesom

Stylish Invites : Brooklyn Bride

Bringing Bitters Back : CHOW

Love-er-ly : d. Sharp Journal

Daily Thought Wallpaper : decor8

DIY kate’s wooden portrait : Design*Sponge

sweet dreams : {frolic!}

Beer Cocktails : Hostess with the Mostess

Modern Garden Birthday : Hostess with the Mostess

Wonderland : How about orange…

Happy Tails : in(side) the loop

Doll’s House : miss jane

pies baked in tiny jars : not martha

Modern Chocolate Party : Oh Happy Day!

Alison & Eric : snippet + ink


Happy Weekend.

Thank you all so, so much for your help in choosing kitchen chairs! The NORDMYRA won out by quite a few comments, so I’ve decided to go with them. Tomorrow I’ll be roadtripping it to the IKEA in Frisco, TX (roughly 2 hours in the car each way, so not too bad) and making my purchases. I have my list made, but it always seems to go out the window once I walk in the doors of that blue and yellow wonderland. Inevitably something I wanted lets me down and something else (or ten) catches my eye. Such is the IKEA Gamble!

This Weekend:
• even more packing
• mailing packages to K, K and M
• picking up my $50(!) lawnmower
• laundry, definitely laundry
• grocery shopping for lunches

Happy Weekend to You!


The Daily Eat: Mojito Jelly-O.

Mojito Jelly-Os lie somewhere between a tastier version of the Jello shots you did in college and an alcohol-infused dessert. I understand this one might be a little out of the comfort zone for some of you, but it’s too unique not to include in Lime Week. And in my experience Tartlette’s concoctions are never a letdown!

:: photo and recipe via Tartlette


Cartier LOVE Bracelet.

I’m not at all the type of girl who has a penchant for high dollar jewelry. I’m just not. I much prefer vintage pieces or pieces that are destined to become vintage over most else. Brand names just don’t mean that much to me in this category.

But then I saw the Cartier LOVE bracelet. And I want it. At the moment I don’t have anyone to give it to me. Actually, let me rephrase: I don’t think I’ve ever dated anyone I would allow to literally lock me into a piece of jewelry before. Oh, I know He’s out there somewhere. Just hopefully when he finally shows up he’ll be toting this bracelet (in silver please) and a screwdriver.


Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

Columbus, OH-based Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is well known for its creative flavor combinations and quality ingredients used in all of their ice creams, sorbets and frozen yogurts. All flavors are inspired by local dairy and fruit. It’s also interesting that Jeni’s uses NO eggs because she believes they distract from the flavor of the cream. Instead she uses small amounts of corn starch and gelatin as thickeners.

There’s nothing better than a quality product in equally outstanding packaging. Jeni’s is spot-on, relying on clear plastic containers and a handwritten font that really allows the ice cream to be the star. At the same time it also reminds you that all of Jeni’s frozen treats are handmade in small batches.

Founder Jeni Britton is featured in this month’s Food & Wine magazine in How to Make Ice Cream Like an Artisan. I’m pumped that the article contains lots and lots of her recipes as well.


Fill-In Baby Invites.

Almost all of my good girl friends are married, most of them with at least one kid or onto number two already. I wish I’d known about these fill-in baby invitations when they were having their baby showers. Then again, they’re pretty non-descript with no rattles or ducks or anything, so you could just as easily use them for a party of your own. I would!