Rise and Sigh Bed Sheets.

Designer Martina Carpelan took sleeping (or a lack thereof) to the next level with the creation of her Rise and Sigh bed sheets.

Rise and sigh is a collection of revealing bed sheets that plays with incidents often taking place in hotels. Different sleeping positions give different imprints on the sleepers’ body. The imprints give you a hint about last night’s atmosphere, suggest you what to do and tell things about you.The Rise and sigh collection consists of three embroidered bed sets; for the bachelor, for the love affair and for the one night stand.

:: via Roadside Scholar


Happy Weekend.

This is my goal this weekend. To get out of the funk I’ve been in for the past few weeks and be happy. I’m tired of feeling down, of feeling emotionally exhausted and physically worn out. So watch out happy, cause here I come. (NOTE: A valiant effort will be made, although positive results are not guaranteed.)

This Weekend:
• decorate for fall/Halloween
• chill at one of my fave dive bars with C & K
• make some sort of fall-ish dessert
• grocery shopping
• pay bills (UGH)
• buy stamps
• mail K, D & O birthday gifts
• clean up yard
• keep busy and be distracted
• try and get happy again


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The Heart.

So, so painfully true. I hate that sometimes. I wish I could change it or exert some sort of control, no matter how small.

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