Villainess Soaps.

Villainess Soaps has some of the coolest bath products I’ve seen. Not to mention some pretty great packaging and website design going on for it. Some of my faves…

Antihero perfume oil

Crushed Whipped!

Gloop Tarts!

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  • 10dimensions

    I’m generally a blog lurker, but since you just pimped one of my very favorite companies I felt compelled to comment and say that all of the products are every bit as wonderful as they look. The warming sugar scrubs are crack in a tub… Ginger Snapped especially is not to be missed. The Whippeds are my go-to lotion, and the soaps are the best way to sneak some good smells onto your husband if he is otherwise uninterested in wearing scent. Also, the woman who owns it is an absolute sweetheart, so you can additionally feel good about supporting a hard-working indie business.

    I promise I’m not affiliated; I’m just a huge fan of both the company and the person behind it. 😉

    02-11-09 » 10:59 pm »

  • Kelly

    yay! so good to hear from someone who actually uses the products. thanks for letting us all know just how fabulous they really are!


    02-13-09 » 4:51 pm »

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