The Daily Eat: Brown Sugar Baked Apples + Brown Sugar Roundup.

I like desserts that present really well, but are simple to make on a moments notice. These Brown Sugar Baked Apples are the perfect example and the epitome of fall!


Holiday Make It #3: Perfect Boxes.

One of my biggest gifting pet peeves is when I can’t find a box that fits perfectly. I don’t want it to be too big, where I have to cram in a wad of tissue paper. Or too small, where the box is literally all bent out of shape. Luckily for me – and all of your other perfectionists – Sharilyn of lovelydesign is the same way. And took the initiative to create a pattern and set of instructions for the rest of us.


Paper Floral Wreaths.

To say that I’m obsessed with this paper floral wreath from Dana and Carol would be a huuuge understatement. It also makes me think that a red/pink/silver/champagne Christmas might not be such a bad idea for decorating my own little cave. (There are only a few wreaths left in the shop right now, but you can convo them about other colorways that aren’t currently for sale.) {via That’s Happy}


Gifted: Meringue Rings.

Starting this afternnon, I’ll be showcasing different gift ideas here and there through the holidays under the tag gifted. Who knows, you just may see something that’s a perfect fit for someone on your Christmas shopping list. Or maybe even something to indulge in for yourself!

Deceitful meringue rings that are crafted out of industrial grade silicone as opposed to egg whites and sugar. A perfect fit for the baker in your life. Don’t you just want to take a bite? {via poppytalk}


amelia mae.

When Caroline and I hit up the Girlie Show last weekend, one of the booths that really stood out to me was Oklahoma’s own amelia mae. Her prints are very graphic-based and I ended up buying the postcard version of this one.

But what really got me was when Caroline told me the tale of the artist’s other shop. Project 8256. All of the profits from Project 8256 go directly towards an adoption fund for her sister and brother-in-law who are in the lengthy process of adopting two children from Ethiopia. And to AHOPE, an orphanage in Addis Ababa that cares for HIV+ children. You can find out more information about both Amy and Project 8256 by visiting the blog.