Happy Weekend.

A few links to help you through the weekend:

+ All the pieces for the perfect Oscar party! Part 1 + 2

+ Why not play some Oscar bingo while you’re at it?

+ A new desktop wallpaper to ring in March

+ Client Bingo!!! It’s a bingo kinda week.

+ Pretty pale gray nails

+ I’m mildly obsessed with this Disney-like tea + coffee set

+ I know the Olympics are almost over, but I still love these paper versions of the Vancouver mascots

+ Wishing I was friendly enough with my sewing machine to make these old-timey undies!

PS: You have until Monday at 9am CST to enter the GREER Chicago giveaway! Two of you luckies will take home the prize.

Happy Weekend!


Umbra Tubby Organizer.

I’ll say it for the record, I’m not a lover of lucite and acrylic. I’ve tried and tried, but I just can’t seem to embrace it. Then I saw this little tubby organizer from Umbra and had the teeny, tiniest change of heart. Kitchen. Office. Yes, please.



Bin is two parts: cylinder and lid. No mechanisms or levers. Nothing besides the genius of Shigeichiro Takeuchi. {via swissmiss}



If you’re like me, your Moleskine notebooks go through a lot. They get stained, bent up and otherwise disfigured. Enter the Molecover. Use it again and again for your notebook protection needs while retaining its original integrity. {via Design Milk}


Architectural Mailboxes.

Architectural Mailboxes has a great line of highly attractive, well, mailboxes. Everything from the more ornate end of the spectrum to clean and modern lines. Some models even accommodate multiple-residence homes and apartments. Any one of them would be way better than the plain white my house is rockin’ at the moment. {via core77}


Picture It.

I apologize for the lighter than usual posting so far this week. I’ve got several projects in the mix and seem to have bit off a bit more than I can chew. Things should be back to normally sooner than later!